Do you think Britney Spears wanted to lose custody of the boys?!


Do you think Britney Spears wanted to lose custody of the boys?

She ignored all of the judges orders. It seems to me that this was her way of giving up custody without being "the celeb who gave up her kids". Now she's just the celeb who "lost" her kids.
What do you think?

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1 day ago
Oh Creole Caramel1504, gosh! I'm happy to give you a forum to rant, Sweetie...but a simple yes or no would suffice. lol
Of course I don't want Britney to become another Anna Nicole, but do you see her out there prancing for the photogs? She eats this stuff up. Don't feel too sorry for her. She'll enter rehab soon and be all better, I'm sure. There, there.

Answers: 1 day ago
Oh Creole Caramel1504, gosh! I'm happy to give you a forum to rant, Sweetie...but a simple yes or no would suffice. lol
Of course I don't want Britney to become another Anna Nicole, but do you see her out there prancing for the photogs? She eats this stuff up. Don't feel too sorry for her. She'll enter rehab soon and be all better, I'm sure. There, there. At first I thought she wanted to keep custody of her kids but now I believe she doesn't. According to court papers on Britney didn't attempt to do any of the things the judge ordered her to do, such as enroll in a parenting class, take a alcohol and drug test twice a week, or meet with a parenting coach. She didn't even try. So I can't and won't feel sorry that she lost custody of those boys, if she wanted to keep custody she would've tried her hardest to do everything that was requested of her to keep custody.

I'm sure you'll see her out partying soon enough. I'm just happy the judge saw what an unfit parent she really is. If she wants to ruin her life that's her but she can't bring down those boys with her. I agree. She is a worthless piece of white trash if there ever was one. She could be the poster child for that.
I feel sorry for her boys. She is definitely not a role model to others as a mother. Sigh. I find no pleasure or delight in watching a human being self-destruct right before my very eyes (courtesy of a gazillion stalkerazzi cameras)...I've never been a fan of Britney- don't hate her, don't love her, have enjoyed some of the music (especially SLAVE 4 U), but could take it or leave it...But this feeding frenzy sickens me. And I'm someone who gets into celebrity dish as much as the next guy. But at a certain point, this story has just gone to cruel new lengths. And Perez Hilton is the absolute worst. He's mean to a lot of people, but he downright has it in for Britney. And the absolute worst is how the so-called legitimate press (CNN and the like) complains about the amount of Britney coverage in one breath, but keeps covering her! And they're so feaking judgmental (Anderson Cooper in particular). The way she's being tried and convicted in the public eye is nothing new, but it just seems wrong. There's a family court dealing with their family issues- let them handle it. Do we have to keep raking this chick over the coals? She's down and out, must we keep kicking her? When will enough be enough? At what point do we stop taking such delight in her self-destruction? I guess we won't be satisfied until she goes the way of Anna Nicole...God, Hollywood really sucks sometimes. I don't know, but I sure feel sorry for her two boys. I don't feel an ounce of sympathy for her, and think that the media has a right to hound her like they do; that's the life of a celebrity, and she didn't have to get into the business. I just hope her ex-husband can raise those boys right. no, who the **** would want to loose their kids? She hasnt ignored the judges orders. I really feel bad for her. Even if this is her own fault. Something is wrong with Britney and I just really hope that she can get it together soon. who cares her career is over either way and her performance at the mtv awards proovs it I don't think any parent wants to deliberately lose custody. It's easier to just hand them over unless she wants all the publicity.

I think she really needs someone with her to help guide her at the moment. It's a horrible thing to suffer depression and not have guidance. Plus alcohol is just such an easy fix for a celebrity or any person to escape. I hope she can get better. I think in a way she just wanted to be "free" of them again but not deep down, and remember she's on drugs and that can affect your perception of given situations even crucial ones.
But I agree with Creamy Caramel---the paparazzi does tear celebrities apart and society general public contributes to that. look at marilyn monroe, jessica simpson's failed marriage, anna nicole smith, etc. Sure, these celebrities are all responsible for their own demise, but we shouldn't take such joy and fascination in their suffering. Because we are prone to mistakes and bad decisions as well, only ours arent publicly displayed 24/7. It's like Winona Ryder's character said in "girl, Interrupted: "Crazy is you and me amplified". Well that's what fame is, what Britney Spears, Anna Nicole Smith, etc are: You and me amplified. You and me times a hundred, times a million. Our mistakes multiplied and amplified. she has no one to blame but herself. She put her drinking and drugs before her children. when it was her turn to have the kids. she left them with a sitter and she went out partying.
she is done. Her career is over. Now that she lost her kids. I hope she has to find a real job and pay child support. Well maybe she will end up in jail. She can get a job working in the kitchen to pay child support. The slightest chance of any success she may have is a square on holly wood squares. if that show is even on anymore. the show in which all the no longer celebrities end up on. The women could have had a good life, but she chose the wrong road. Her only family wants nothing to do with her and petitioned to have the kids taken away from her. Drinking and drug addiction is a bad thing. And its a tough thing to overcome. Sooner or later the money is going to run out. I mean no man is going to want to marry her. She is doomed. I bet we see her wearing at McDonald's cap saying, would you like to super size. Seriously im about to stick up for her even if i sound dumb i dont care...ok the girl started show business when she was what 15 years old...was on a straight path didnt **** up once her whole life...had people follow her everyday of her life had no real normal childhood...hit what 22 met that kevin went all down hill from that point on doesnt anyone notice she hasnt been normal since she met this guy?...and before him she was perfectly fine?????...ok so anyways shes 25 people still follow her every single day people make fun of her for everything she does...she goes into a store buys a sandwich and its like the most funny thing to people??...people call her fat when shes a normal size girl...she has flashes going off in her face for like the last 10 years of her life!!!!!!!....her mother is taking her ex husbands side which is obviously out for her money cos he dont give a **** bout the other 2 kids he had with some girl...what has she really done? people say shes so fucked up...ive never seen any pics of her snorting cocaine like lindsay lohan ive never seen any footage of her out in public looking anything but a little drunk maybe ...few pictures of her showing her crotch whatever she can do what she wants with her own crotch...and people think shes like sooo fucked up.???????..seriously where is the proof that she is like sooooooooo fucked up like everyone claimes sorry but id be a fuckin physco myself if i lived the life britney has for the last 10 years...people need to get off her back they are actually driven her crazy till she fucks up or snaps and then being like oh seeeeeeee seeeeeeeeeeeee told you...leave her the **** alone for 5 mins and maybe she can actually get her fuckin head straight.

ohhh and another thing people in the world are so down on themselves...that they couldnt wait for britney spears to crash...seriously people have been sitting around praying for the day she got fat ....or made a fool of herself...cos people feel better about themselves now...they are like yesssssssssss omg thank god awesome yay She married an idiot and had two 'accidental' pregnancies.
So there's her first mistake - Is she is so dumb she can't take the pill?
I have no sympathy for her at all - another case of someone who had it all and threw it away.
I just hope those kids have a decent role model in their lives because they will be heading the exact same way ...... to Loserville, and it's hard to leave when you get there. Dunno. As much as I hate Britney, the idea of her deliberately try to lose her children's custody just sounds so surreal. But who knows. U never know what u're gonna get when it comes to Britney.

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