Liza Minelli is she a good singer now?!

Question: Liza Minelli is she a good singer now!?
I heard her singing on live tv and it was not so good!. The voice was very unstable and she kept passing the mic to others during high bits which she couldn't sing!. How sad!. I wonder why the older woman keep performing and making mistakes!. Should they retire before they get that bad at singing!. These ladies include, liza <bad breath> Minelli, aretha <big boobs> franklin, diana <lip sync> ross, Dionne <male voice pot smoking> warwick and celine <je ne parle pas francais> dion!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

All of those ladies are wonderful singers!. You just can't stop singing cause you get older!. That is their love!. Many people who keep singing as they get older have backups!. There is nothing wrong with that!. You too will get older and not able to do the work that you love doing!. Go to half price books and look for their oldies songs, you can love remembering their best and just realize that they are getting older!. ONe thing for sure, we all get older!. Those women are great singers!.

I've never ever liked Liza Minelli, so no she is not a good singerWww@Enter-QA@Com

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