Why are people always calling Shia Labeouf a douche bag?!

Question: Why are people always calling Shia Labeouf a douche bag!?
Like this:

What has he done to get called that!?!.!.!. nothing!.
Sure he's gotten in trouble with the law, but they don't know him and it's none of their business (especially Perez Hilton)!. I'm a big fan of his (he's a great actor) and there rlly is no reason for it!. I'm sure the paper bag was just so the paparazzi didn't recognize him (other celebs have done things like that to not get noticed and they aren't called that)!.

So why do people do that and what do you think of him!?Www@Enter-QA@Com

Yeah, I agree with you, sometimes the media just like to pick on people for no reason rather than just judging them for the work they do!.

I think he's done some great work so far and really looking forward to see how he develops as an actor!. He was also great in Even Stevens!

And unlike the poster above I don't feel as though he's been in everything lately : 2007 - he was in Disturbia and Transformers and did the voiceover in Surf's Up!. 2008 - he was in Indiana Jones and Eagle Eye!.!.!.so 4 movies and one voiceover in the last 2 years!.!.!.that's not too bad!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

because some of the decision he makes are stupid

and when you become a celebrity, your business will always be in the public so it doesn't matter if its "perez or anyone else's business" everyone is going to have an opinion, just like yourself!.

You and I don't know him yet we are up on his business talking about him !.!.!. get it !?

this is why he's a douche sometimes

He's a great actor!. But he's in almost every movie nowadays!. I'm getting kinda tired of seeing him!. But I don't think that makes him a douche!. lolWww@Enter-QA@Com

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