Have you ever been punk'd......?!

Question: Have you ever been punk'd!.!.!.!.!.!.!?
or has anyone ever did a prank on you soo good that u believed it only 2 find out it was a joke!.

or have u ever tried to pull a prank on someone but it came out wrong (someone got hurt, or they called the police or anything)Www@Enter-QA@Com

I pranked some kids and it was awesome!.

When I was about 19, me and my girlfriends were contacted by my friend's aunt!. Her aunt had high school teenagers who lived with her - troubled teens with no place to go, they were usually well behaved but they were always pulling pranks on her!. Things like pretending they were stabbed (using ketchup as blood) and lame things like that because they got a kick out of it!.

So she asked me and my two girlfriends to help her prank them back!.

We said to take them all out to the cemetary at midnight!. So she said okay, and asked them if they wanted to go see a spooky graveyard at midnight (of course they all wanted to go)!.

Well my friends and I stayed home and did nothing!. LOL!. Her aunt calls us and was like "well thanks guys but that didn't really help me out" and we said "just wait!."

The next week we told her the same thing, go out to the cemetary at midnight!. She brings them out there again, only this time we prepared ourselves!. We dressed in dark clothing and brought battery powered tape players with recordings we made of babies crying and monsterous sounds!. We went into the shack that was on the grounds, lit a bunch of candles, built an "altar" out of broken headstones, and placed a dead animal on top - it was a piece of roadkill we picked up off the road with a shovel!. We drew some pentagrams and made trails of salt on it!. We hid in the bushes and ate some mcdonalds happy meals!.

The graveyard was really secluded, surrounded by forest, and we heard them eventually coming up the path!. They came strutting in and one of them said "there's a light on in the shed!. it wasn't on last time" and the guys acted tough and said they'd go check it out!. When they looked inside one of them said "it's dead!!!!!!" and that's when my girlfriends and I pressed "play" on our tape players, baby screams started wailing out of the forest, and we came running out of the woods shrieking at them!.

One guy ran and left his girlfriend behind, one girl tried dialing 911 on her cell phone but was frozen stiff just standing there holding her phone, and one guy shat his pants, literally shat himself!.

Her aunt was doubled over laughing so hard she was bent over almost on the ground and one girl was screaming and trying to pull her, crying because she thought something had "happened" to her!. It was so funny!.

Her aunt paid us for it, and after we subtracted the cost of the materials we used and divided it between us, we each got $6!.66!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

A couple of years ago my friends and I prank called the suicide hotline!. I know, it was really imature and dumb!.

Anyways, the cops showed up soon after!. We didn't get a ticket or anything but we got in trouble big with our parents!.!.not to mention it was super scary having cops lecture you!.

So let that be a lesson to you kiddos!. Don't be as stupid as we were lol!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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