I saw a thing on naruto where gaara is older??!

Question: I saw a thing on naruto where gaara is older!?!?
and talks to his partner in his squad about how naruto taught him All about himself and how him and naruto are allike What Episode is it Or Movie on naruto!?!? plz helpWww@Enter-QA@Com

you are reffering to naruto shippuden this is a series of naruto that is a time jump to when they are 15-16 if gaara was in it then it was most likely the early episodes of shippuden maybe check 1-17 sorry i couldnt give a better answer but i remember him saying that in shippuden by the way SHIPPUDEN IS GREATWww@Enter-QA@Com

Oh yeah, i remember that part!. Gaara is like, my most fav Naruto character!. Gaara was talking to Kankuro about how much he wanted to learn from Naruto!.!.!.and stuff!.

This is what he said ( in my own words)
I!.!.!.!.I was'nt able to defeat him!.!.!.!.but!.!.!.Naruto!.!.!.Naruto Uzumaki!.!.!.he was able to!. Because of his friendship!.!.!.!.his heart to become hokage!.!.!.he was able to defeat me!. Naruto taught me this!.!.!.!.to have friends, that friendship is stronger than any ability!.!.!.!.I want to protect my friends!. My family!. My country!. Everyone in the sand village!. The sand village is my home!. I will become Kazekage, just like Naruto!.!.!.my dream, my dream is to become Kazekage

There were 2 episodes which showed this!. One of it was probably during the Gaara arc where the chuunin exams and Naruto fights with Gaara to protect Sakura!. The other one is in episode 220!. Its when they fight with the Takumi village's most powerful weapon!.!.!.

Hope this helped ^^Www@Enter-QA@Com

Those were actually flashbacks from Kankurou's point of view!.
Those episodes were:
> Naruto Shippuden episode 5 "As the Kazekage!.!.!.!"
> Naruto Shippuden episode 6 "Mission Cleared!"
> Naruto Shipppuden episode 7 "Sprinting Kankuro"

I hope that helps ^_^Www@Enter-QA@Com

Its Naruto Shippuden

Naruto Shippuden is when Naruto is 15 years old!.!.!.!. It takes place 3 years after Sasuke and Naruto's first battleWww@Enter-QA@Com

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