What is a lovely, romantic yet funny anime?!

Question: What is a lovely, romantic yet funny anime!?
I have been looking for an anime that i would be reali interested in, but so far i just carn't stay with the one anime, i keep changing!. Maybe you could help me!. I am looking for an anime that will keep me interested, one that I could easily find on the internet, like youtube, veoh, crunchyroll etc!.
I like shugo chara, but feel that it might be a little childish sumtimes!. Ikuto makes it all better tho!. lolWww@Enter-QA@Com

Try these :
LOVELY COMPLEX (highly recommended) (romance, comedy, high school)
Lovely Complex is a story of a boy and a girl!. The girl, Koizumi Risa, is much taller than the average Japanese girl; and the boy, Atsushi Otani, is much shorter than the average Japanese boy!. Due to their immense difference in size and constant bickering with each other, the duo is unwillingly the school’s comic relief!. As Risa and Otani continue to provide endless laughter for the masses, their friendship develops; and with that, so does Risa’s feelings for Otani!.!.!.

SPECIAL A (highly recommended) (romance, comedy, high school)
Ever since their first meeting at six years old, Hikari Hanazono has struggled to defeat her rival Kei Takashima at anything, whether it be athletics or academics!. To date she has proven unsuccessful, resulting in Kei constantly referring to her as "second place!." In reality, Kei has been in love with Hikari for quite some time, but Hikari remains completely oblivious to the fact!. Now, as the top two students in a prestigious academy, the duo continues their long-running competition as part of the school's elite class of seven, the Special A!. Will Hikari ever surpass Kei!.!.!. or realize that he loves her!?

CLANNAD (highly recommended) (romance, comedy, drama, harem, high school)
Tomoya Okazaki is a third-year high school student who is generally bored with life and doesn't take his studies, future, or anything else seriously!. One day, however, he meets a lonely-looking girl in the school courtyard, Nagisa Furukawa!. She explains to him the source of her loneliness: she had missed a lot of the previous school year and thus is repeating her third year; everybody that she knew has already graduated, and she is lonely!. Tomoya is rather indifferent at first, but decides that he has nothing better to do and spends increasingly more time helping Nagisa restore the school drama club!. As his relationship with Nagisa grows, Tomoya begins to open up to various other people around the school as well!.!.!.

KARE KANO (highly recommended) (drama, romance, comedy, high school)
Yukino had it all!. Brilliant, athletic, popular and pretty, she was the perfect school girl with many friends and admirers!. But then one fateful day she met her match: a handsome young man named Arima!. Now, not only is he beating her at her own game, she's becoming more and more dismayed to learn that she's developing her first real feelings of romance!. Can Yukino maintain her model student appearance, or will love ruin all her plans!?

ITAZURA NA KISS (romance, comedy, drama)
Kotoko Aihara has always been in love with Naoke Irie; he’s tall, handsome, and rumored to be the most intelligent student in Japan – who wouldn’t be!? Only one thing stands in the way of a relationship with Irie: Kotoko is ditzy and is at the bottom set of her school, and Irie-kun hates nothing more than ditzy, stupid girls!. When disaster strikes and Kotoko is forced to move in with Irie-kun’s family, she suddenly sees her chance to bridge the gap!. After all, even cool, super-intelligent guys must have a soft spot, right!?

KIMIKISS ~PURE ROUGE~(romance, comedy, drama, love triangle, high school)
It's spring, and love is in the air! Sanada Kouichi wakes up one morning to find a strange girl barging into his house and making herself at home!. Only after his friend, Aihara Kazuki, shows up later does he recognize the girl as their childhood friend Mizusawa Mao, who has been living overseas for the past two years!. With her parents still overseas, Mao will be living with Kouichi and attending high school with him and Kazuki!. The three of them will rely on each other to overcome their challenges with school, friendship, and of course love!

AISHITERUZE BABY (romance, slice of life, drama, high school)
Whenever Kippei is at school, he has one thing on the mind: girls!. From skipping class to cheesy lines, he'll do anything it takes to reel the ladies in, though he never seems to find the right person!. But the bachelor lifestyle is soon to change when young Yuzuyu enters the picture!. This five-year-old cutie has been abandoned by her mother, and is to be taken care of by none other than Kippei! Unfortunately for the both of them, Kippei has no experience raising a child, so the learning curve will be quite steep!.!.!.

also try
OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB (comedy, reverse harem, high school, bishounen)
FRUITS BASKET (comedy, reverse harem, romance, bishounen)
NODAME CANTABILE (comedy, romance, music, slice of life)

You may find these sites more useful than browsing on veoh and youtube!.!.
>> http://sky7anime!.net/series/anime (requires joining, but free and no spam mail)
>> http://www!.narutowire!.com/categories/
>> http://anime6!.org/m6/index!.php!?_action=c!.!.!.

Hope this helps ^_^Www@Enter-QA@Com

Well!.!.!.I've watched an anime that was already seen by millions but few appreciate it!. It's kinda retro though not too much!.!. Do you guys know Fushigi Yuugi!? That damned anime is Rated " A" romance!. I mean even the fighting scenes is full of Romantic moves!.!.!.I don't know where do they get the concepts!.!.!.but I have a suspicion it's from a woman!.

And along the lines of it!.!.!.Do you remember the anime Ayashino Ceres!? Thats one of the few anime's thats kinda harem bec!. of the love scenes and obscenity made by 2 siblings flirting with each other!. But definitely it's Romantic!.!.! Check it out!

Crunchyroll might have these Animes!. But these are already retro animes so you can easily find these!.!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Oh i was just going to say Shugo Chara -_-
it actually isn't too childish, or maybe thats just my opinion but it is so refreshing!. i almost finished all of it (episode 63) and it gets so good! yeah!.!. i love Ikuto (*o*)
-> Ouran Highschool Host Club
-> Furuba (Fruits Basket)
-> Kamichama Karin
-> Lovely Complex
-> Rosario+Vampire
-> Vampire Knight
-> Dark Night Angel
-> Chobits
-> Skip Beat
-> Ultra Maniac
-> Tokyo Mew Mew

Hope this helped ^---^Www@Enter-QA@Com

I'm going to say Fruits Basket because that is the only manga and anime that is romantic and funny!.

Then, there's Sailor Moon but the manga version is where it contains both real romance and real comedy!. (The anime version wasn't that great)!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

la corda d'oro
aishiteruze baby
ultra maniac
kamichama karin
cardcaptor sakura
ouran highschool host club
fruits basket
princess princess
vampire knight
tokyo mew mew
tokyo mew mew a la mode
special A
school rumble
rosairo + vampire
ranma 1/2
mahou sensei negima
marmalade boyWww@Enter-QA@Com

Peach Girl
Special A
Bokura Ga Ita (*somewhat SPOILER* sad ending)
Ouran High School Host Club
The Wallflower (not really romantic but funny!)

ugh!.!.!.im sure there are better ones out there, i just can't think of any!. but yeah!. =P
happy anime!Www@Enter-QA@Com

After I read what you said, I think that you prefer to read shoujo manga!. So I will suggest you some!.

Ouran High School Host Club
Hana Kimi

I dont really rememeber now!. well help you enjoy this!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

if you haven't seen it yet the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya one of the craziest anime and it will fit all of your needsWww@Enter-QA@Com

Azumanga Daioh and Aishiteruze baby are special favorites of mine in this genre!. I also love Chobits!.

!.!.!.and, most recently for me, Mahoromatic!. (Ecchi)Www@Enter-QA@Com

i think the funniest love anime is karen chibi vampire!.!.!.but its not all tht romantic!.!.or not at all!.!.!.its in wikiWww@Enter-QA@Com

Skip Beat
Itazura Na kiss
Lovely complex
hana yori dango!.!.!.!.

pick one!.!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Ouran Highschool Host Club
Fruits BasketWww@Enter-QA@Com

vampire knight,( after watching it, I still can't get over it) ouren high school club!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Super gals - It is very funny and has romantic moment :DDD
It in English dub
here is the description

and if you want to watch it check out
(that where i watch all of my super gals movie from) in English though

Hope this is what your looking for!!! XDDD
an have fun with the movie am sure if you try it you will love it :DDDWww@Enter-QA@Com

La Corda d Oro(Romance Shoujo Comedy Drama)

Hino goes to a school that specialises in music and has two streams: the normal stream and the music stream, where the music students are regarded as the more elite!. She was running late for her class one day when she saw a tiny fairy, who seemed really excited that she could see it!. The next day, the entrants in the music competition, who are decided by the school, are announced!. Hino's name appears on the list - except she doesn't play an instrument!. The fairy gives her a magical violin that can be played by anyone!. Reluctantly, she enters into the competition and is forced to deal with the prejudices of her peers


Bokura ga Ita( Slice of Life Love-Romance School Life)

Nanami Takahashi, a 15 year old high school student, falls in love with and begins dating the most popular guy in school, Motoharu Yano!. However, their relationship is not easily maintainable!. Yano's past, as well as the complex emotions they bring up, make it difficult to be completely honest about how he feels!. Caught in the middle are Yuri Yamamoto, the younger sister of Yano's now dead ex-girlfriend, and Masafumi Takeuchi, Yano's best friend!. Yuri's past with Yano goes deeper than one might suspect and her feelings run deeper than she portrays in public!. Takeuchi cherishes Yano's friendship, but at the same time, he may lose it for someone dear to him!. Takahashi must search deep inside herself and find her true feelings for Yano while be able to trust and accept Yano's feelings for her as well, deciding if Yano is indeed the one for her or if someone else can provide better solace!. Along the way Takahashi will get tips from her love infatuated friends, Mizu and Taka!.


NANA( Shoujo Slice of Life Romance Music Comedy)

One wintry evening, Komatsu Naka happens to sit next to Osaki Nana on a train bound for Tokyo!. Komatsu Nana goes to seek out her boyfriend and a new life in the city, while Osaki Nana goes to pursue a career in music!. They soon become friends after finding out they had the same names and through getting to know one another!. Coincidentally, during their search for an apartment, they meet again and begin to live together!.

Komatsu Nana begins her new life in Tokyo with assistance from her boyfriend, Shoji, and her friends Junko and Kyosuke!. Osaki Nana aims for a stage debut as the vocalist of a punk rock group, “Blast”, while developing a crush on Ren, a guitarist of a popular band group, Trapnest!.


Lovely Complex (Comedy Romance Shoujo)

One day, a very tall transfer student shows up and Risa immediately falls for him, as she has had bad luck with boys in the past because she is tall!. There is a girl that Otani likes as well, so Risa and Otani decide to put aside their differences and help each other get their love interests!. But as they get to know each other better, Risa's feelings for Otani begin to blossom


I can only name 2 good and popular ones!.!.!. Ouran High Host Club and Fruits Basket!. Sorry, but I'm just not that into romantic comedy animes!. BLEACH BLEACH BLEACH DEATHNOTE DEATHNOTE DEATHNOTE!!Www@Enter-QA@Com

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