If you were a superhero or superhero sidekick...?!

Question: If you were a superhero or superhero sidekick!.!.!.!?
If you were a superhero or superhero sidekick:

What would your name be!?
Where would you live!?
What would your costume look like!?
What would your alter-ego do for a living!?
Would you rather be the hero or the sidekick!?
What would your superpower be!?
What would be your biggest weakness!?

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Name : John Smith , the most common name in USA!. Live : In the middle of desert in Arizona!. Costume : I would be a man , disguised as a middle aged, tall ,slightly heavy woman!. Alter-ego doing in desert : Looking for Gold and finding it!. Everyone wants to be the Hero ! What would be my Superpower , ability to Make Politicians and others Tell The Truth ! Not with a rope as Wonder woman did!. Bit by just focusing on the individual !. My sidekick , the reporter , would clue me in on Whom , needs to tell the Truth!. And my weakness ; Ouch! People that are honest with themselves and others would see right through my disguise to what I really am (may not be a pretty sight)!. Hope you have a GOoD day!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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