Need help! who are/were they?!

Question: Need help! who are/were they!?
A friend of mine showed me these two little pigs today that she said were called Monokuro Boo!. I though they were just so cute and clever but they reminded me of these characters I'd once seen!.!.!.!.but i can't remember what they were called!.

They were a little boy and girl couple!. From most pictures I'd seen the Girl often kissed the boy on the cheek and that usually made his cheeks go very red!.I think the boy wore red and had Black pigtails on top of his head and the girl was similar but in different colors :s
I'm pretty sure they were of Japanese design or maybe Chinese!.

They both just were so cleverly designed!. can anyone tell me who they are/were!?Www@Enter-QA@Com

Pucca and Garu from Pucca!?
http://myanimelist!.net/character/12462/P!.!.!. (Pucca)
http://myanimelist!.net/character/14435/G!.!.!. (Garu)

Pucca info -

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