This is my theory of wut happened with pein and kushina (if they are related)?!

Question: This is my theory of wut happened with pein and kushina (if they are related)!?
Pein and Kushina were raised in the whirlpool country!. They were very little and witnessed many wars since the country was in the middle of all the bigger countries and was always the battlefield!. When they were just mere children and the wars had stopped, suddenly the eastern side of the country rebelled against the western side and wanted to change how things were being run so that they would suffer no more casualties!. In all the commotion Kushina was split up form pein and her family took her to the safest place-Konoha!.

Ill get back to Pein in a second!. Knowing nothing of what happned to her brother and as her family perished in the commotion Kushina grew up along with the fourth and jiraiya who is much older then her (considering he taught the fourth) and saw him as a father figure!. As she grew older she felll in love with yondaime!. They then had a child but she died right after his birth!. Concealing his connection to the fourth the elders gave him his mothers last name and his name was Uzumaki Naruto!.

Now back to peins childhood!. He grew up with distant relatives and always tried to avoid the war!. He trained hard and eventuallydeveloped a jutsu that has sumthing to do with rain!. As he grew older and not knowing anything that happened to his sister he heard that the fourth had a child with a lady named Kushina!. He was going to leave the country to find her but found out she died!. He was enraged!. Another war approached, Pein couldnt take anymore of this horobile life!. He gathered sub ordinates and formed the rain named after his jutsu!. After everything settled down the wave country or watever it is was formed beside the rain country!. Now you may think why would they make the country smaller and more vulnerable!? it is becuz pein didnt want anything to do with the former eastern whirlpool country wich is now the wave country!. Pein was quiest for about 6 years(about the time itachi left) ill get to that later, anyways eeverything fell apart again!. the citizens of the rain country decided to fight back against pein and a civil war broke out!. Pein knew he had the winning edge!. But why stop now!? he went mad with power!. he wanted to take over every country(this is were his 6 year searching session began)!. he needed some help!. He needed the bijuus help!. he learned the jutsu that the sand and leaf village used to seal the bijuu and lerned to reverse the effect!. but it required too much chakra!. He needed help!. So he recruited the finest criminnals in the land!. Pein considered the bijuus nothing more as puppets!. Pein secretly searched for his nephew but after finding out he was a jinchuuruki he thought of him as nothing else as a puppet he could use for his own power!. After searching far and wide for criminals he came across konan, orochimaru the homosexual, hidan, kazuku, itachi, zetsu, kisame and they didnt like hoomos so they took deidara but they were suspicious of him too, anyways Peins civil war situation is a pain in his butt becuz they are getting stronger and now have a powerful leader!. so he leads akatsuki in a hologram!. Naruto has family but does not know it!. this is my theory wut do u think!?Www@Enter-QA@Com

If they were related itll be a good twist!.!.!. Nice thinking!.!.!. coz it could make sense!.!.!. But theres the whole madara thing!.!.!. If they were related naruto could possess the rainigann (cant spell sorry) since its a bloodline limit which is the only thing Naruto lacks!.!.!. I want to know more about this God realm that pein talks about!.!.!. look forward to the sage naruto vs pein fight!. Good theory but from what I learnt, no matter what you guess the writers make sumthing happen that no1 would think of!.!.!. its awesum!.!.!. keep it up manWww@Enter-QA@Com

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