What happened to anime6 and when did this happen?!

Question: What happened to anime6 and when did this happen!?
I last visited anime6!.org maybe a little over a week ago and it was fine!. I just visited now and its a completely different site!. It is now a pay-for-membership and downloads site!. It used to be a "directory" type of site where users post links to various anime found elsewhere on the net!. It was NOT a download/upload site and did not actually host any video files!.

Is it possible that the years they spent acquiring links for videos!.!. was all some ploy to download them all and then build a large database of anime to create this new pay-for-downloads site!?

Does anyone have the inside info on this!?Www@Enter-QA@Com

Anime6 was getting a huge audience and not enough profit at a mere payment per month which barely helped to keep the site up and running!. Without adding some source of money they would have to shut it down!.

YouTube is a free video download website, but the only reason why users don't have to pay is because people put their own videos up and the owners of YouTube don't need to pay to get the videos, Anime6 however, does have to pay to use the videos on their website!.

It's mainly just to keep the website running!. Here are some other free anime sites:

No inside info!. But like all other online streaming sites, they realized that videos take an IMMENSE amount of storage space and bandwidth!. Ads were probably not bringing in enough income!.


According to that, they make $262!.82 average oer day!. However, server costs are probably too much!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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