Wats the funnies thing happened to u guys?!

Question: Wats the funnies thing happened to u guys!?
It's kind of long, but I love telling this TRUE story:

About two or three years ago, I was once with two friends we'll call Tom and Jerry!. So it was myself, Tom, and Jerry, and we all went to Jerry's girlfriend's house!. We'll call her Jane!. I have never met her before, so when the three of us walked in her house, I was surprised that she wouldn't face us when she was talking to us!.

Jane said, "Hi, nice to meet you guys!. My name is Jane!. If you need anything, just let me know!." but she wouldn't face us when talking to us!. She had her back to us the whole time!. So I thought she might've been blind!.

So she and Jerry went upstairs for a moment, and when they were gone, I turned to Tom and said, "Hey!.!.!.is Jane blind!?"
And he said, "Yeah, she is!."
And I replied, "Well that explains why she wasn't facing us when talking to us!."
And he said, "Yep!. That explains it!."

So Jerry comes back downstairs and I said, "Jerry!.!.!.I didn't know your girlfriend was blind!. I wish I had known that before we first met her!."
"She's not blind," he said!.

I turn to Tom and say, "You said she was blind!"
And Tom looks at me and says, "Oh!.!.!.I thought you were asking if she was blonde!."Www@Enter-QA@Com

I fell out of bed, My dog jumped on my back in my sleep, {mother} It was winter and she slid on the side of the house she grabed the house trying to stay up but she fell anyways XD My dad was walking on ice and slid backwards and fell on his head XP

I just felt like sharing this XPWww@Enter-QA@Com

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