Help with the new Anime/Manga forum?!

Question: Help with the new Anime/Manga forum!?
I've created an Anime/Manga forum and what I was looking for is some feedback really!. I've done this before with a general forum but I wanted to try and make an original Anime forum that would stand out from the other 400 billion out there!.

Please have a look and give me some constructive criticism, it would be really appreciated!. Feel free to sign up if you want to help me try and make this the best forum going :)

Have a good look around:

It looks pretty good and well organized, but it's too similar to the other anime forums to really stand out!. You should do something to make this site different from the rest and really grab people's attentions!.

Maybe you can offer something to the others!. If you can, start a scanlation group and/or sub anime!. also, many people are always going around different sites to look for a place to download a specific manga/anime that they can't find so maybe have a Requests subforum or something where members can request what they are looking for!. Start it off by offering downloads of files you might already have yourself to let them know that there's a good chance you could have what they want!.
And don't forget the many anime fans who are also into yaoi/yuri/hentai!. You can have a alternative subforum within your NWS one!. That will most likely draw lots of fans in!.

Have you heard of GaiaOnline!? The site started out as a simple list of anime sites and then it grew into a large online community where members can earn virtual gold and dress up their avatars!. Sites that were created after being inspired by Gaia have a fewer members but still a lot nonetheless!. Perhaps you can do something similar to that, but focus mainly on anime/manga so as to not digress from your original idea!.

And now I think I am trying to completely change your forum instead of giving constructive critism!. Sorry if I went a bit far but I wish you the best of luck!. : D Ahahaha!. I'll be signing up too, by the way!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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