Top 10 Anime and reasons why?!

Question: Top 10 Anime and reasons why!?
Your top ten anime list and why each is in its place!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

1!. One Piece

Reason: Best plot ever!. The characters are awesome, and they each have different powers!. There's comedy to it!. Plus, the action is awesome!. For something that most people thing is bad, the anime has its serious moments and it made me cry!.

2!. Blood+

Reason: Great female based role with blood, action, and demonic vampire beings!. I liked the characters!. It was sad too!. The plot was good!.

3!. Fullmetal Alchemist

Reason: The alchemy pulled me in!. I loved the science that the anime had!. The characters each had a role to play!. Its like you can't trust them!. Each of the characters were cool and they were funny!.

4!. Elfen Lied

Reason: best horror and gore short anime ever!. It was sad too!. The first few episodes were hard to pass through because it was scary!. Its sad how each of the characters have with their childhood lives!.

5!. Rurouni Kenshin

Reason: First ever samurai based series!. Plus there were some historical facts about the old Tokyo days in there!. Plus, the comedy!. Action was high packed!.

6!. Cardcaptor Sakura

Reason: childhood memory!. I loved this anime ever since I watched it dubbed on WBKids TV!. It was so cute!. I got back to finishing it later on!. It had a cute plot to it!.

7!. Dragonball Z

Reason: another childhood memory!. It was a great action packed series!. Proves that these characters were powerful in the anime universe!. Its kinda hard to get through the series because they just stand there until they are able to fight!. Plus, the comedy!.

8!. Samurai Champloo

Reason: very funny series with a touch of samurai and historical moments, but the hip hop is added in there!. I liked the action and comedy!. The plot's good!.

9!. Code Geass

Reason: Clamp's legendary artstory was put to use in this anime for the characters' design!. Plus, the storyline was awesome!. Mecha was cool too!.

10!. Digimon

Reason: another childhood memory of mine!. I loved this anime better than pokemon!. What's best about this one is the fact that kids were fighting along with animals on their sides, who can talk!. The comedy was good too!. The plots awesome!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

1)vampire knight/guilty- because it's so good and the art is pretty
2)skip beat-it's funny and it has a nice plot
3)katekyo hitman reborn- it's funny and the guy is getting better at looks and at strength
4)kuroshitsuji-the art is good and the main character wears cute clothes
5)tsubasa chronicles- just because it has romance and fighting
6)ouran- it's funny and cute
7)bokura ga ita- it's sad at the end but i like it because it has jealousy
8)fruits basket-it's sweet and funny/sometimes sad
9)cardcaptor sakura- it's cute and fantasy
10)nabari no ou- has a good plotWww@Enter-QA@Com

It is made of awesome and win!.

2) Gravitation!.
It was my first anime ever!.

I know it is a one shot, but it was done well and the music is great!.

4)Neon Genesis Evangelion
I really like this one because it has a deep storyline and is inviting!.

5)Revolutionary Girl Utena
A good fight anime with a funny announcer!.

Little heard of series, but it is awesome!. LOVE SHINJUKU!!!

7)Robotech (original)
A great series with a nice story!.

8)Record of Lodoss war
It is a good and well drawn series that is not too complicated!.

9)Mobile Suit Gundam
I loved the story here and I was able to follow it!. It also lead me to a story that I would later write for a friend!.

10)Sailor Moon!.
Gotta love Chibi-usaWww@Enter-QA@Com

I prefer listing them by type!.

Here's such a list!.!.!.

My Top 12 Favourite Animes List Broken-Down for You:
[Yes,there is alot more than 12!.I tend to do my list in types,not as titles!.]
1) Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon [& the J-drama,*Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon* & the Sera Myu's!!]
2) CLAMP's SAKURA Animes: CardCaptor Sakura, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles,and XxX-Holic
3) The 2 Easiest to Relate To: Marmalade Boy & Itazura na Kiss
4) The 4 BSSM Knock-Off's: Ai Tenshi Densetsu Wedding Peach,Shin Shirayuki Hime Densetsu Pretear,Tokyo Mew-Mew & Shugo Chara!
5) The 2 Animes That Made Me Keep Loving Racing: Speed Racer & Initial D [all seasons & films]
6) The Most 'Mazing Mechas: Shin Kidousenki Gundam [all seasons,films,and specials],Trans-Formers [all seasons & the anime films],Robotech,Magic Knights Rayearth, BubbleGum Crisis/Crash [All seasons],and AD Police
7) The 2 That My Fiance Got Me Hooked On: Slayers [all seasons plus OVAs & films] & Bakuten Shoot Beyblade [all seasons]
8) For The Love of Old-School: Candy Candy,Lady Georgie, Idol Tenshi Youkoso Yoko [and any others that are similar]
9) Vampire Knight [both seasons]
10) The Childish Animes That I Am Still Hooked On: Pokemon [all seasons], Digimon [all seasons], Yu-Gi-Oh! [all series], Monster Ranchers, Duel Masters,Cubix
11) The Short-Episode Animes I Love[d]: Chi's Sweet Home,Chocolate Underground ONA,and Detroit Metal City
12) The Musical Animes: Kirarin Revolution,La Corda d'Oro,and Nodame CantobileWww@Enter-QA@Com

1!.Sailor moon- The first anime i ever watched , even though it a simple one i still love it, it the memories of my first ever anime XDD

2!.Twelve kingdom- I really love it when i watched this anime , it not well known but i just love the idea that they created and the action , really emotional as well,it those fantasy and "going into another world" kind of anime , i keep watching it again and again , and again lol

3!.Naruto- At first , i was like alot of people who hated naruto and just didn't bother to watch it , but my brother force me to watch it which i didn't want to lol , and what do you know i started loving it after i keep watching it and now am just like the number one fan or something i watch every single episode that has even like released haha , i even read manga of it ( i know am a hard out addicted fan but am a proud one ;D )

4!.Samurai X - This anime is scary to be honest , you know as the name suggested it about samurai which mean it has alot of blood , not only blood but scary scene as well , i dont know how i manage to get though all those scene and even worser i watch this when i was like very little or so (i was like 10 or something ), so it give me a big impact on my memories lol , well scary as it seem it really romantic at the end, i just like the way she cut him on the face and said "remember me " haha ( that for those who watch this anime before )

5!.Super gals- so this anime is a bit girly haha, oke i admit it , it more than a bit girly , it girly OK !? well i like this anime cause it funny and i also like the main character characteristic and her way of treating other people , also i just love the ending , it has a happy ending but near the end it was kinda sad !. i enjoy watching this anime though

6!.Vampire knight- This anime is what you call AMAZING Am mean all the vampire (good looking) and scary but cool , and the way the story is set,it might even make your heart skip a beat :DD and i just love the romance of Yuuki X Zero ( am a fan of them ) XD

7!.Death Note- As most people like this anime so do i , am mean this is a cool , all the action ( more like thinking) is like amazing , blow your mind away am mean practically it like they are smart and those thing normal people can't do , am mean death God!?!? THat like sooo coool !!!!!

8!.Shugo chara- This anime is kinda like unlocking your inner self and i kinda like that idea , also it a cute anime with ikuto ( he hot !!!O!.O as most fan would say ) But i would say he hard out hot XDD
and i love Amu x Ikuto LOVe, it like enemy love , they are enemy in the outside but lover in the inside xDDD

9!.Fushigi yuugi- Ok some people might not think as i do on this one but still i love the romantic scene and i watch the whole thing , yeah 52 episode am Cool aren't i lol ( am kidding =!.=")
like near the ending or so is the most cool part !.

10!.AIR- At first when i started watching this anime i was like " i dont get anything " and then i keep watching it, because i was bored lol and it was a short anime and i love how they draw the anime , am mean she look "cute and beautiful O!.O " haha , the anime was kind of mysterious and nice so i keep continue watching it , and at the end i was like "ohhhhh i get it now" lol it was like a sad anime , made me cry cause i was really in to it hahaWww@Enter-QA@Com

Busou Renkin
Fullmetal Alchemist
Code Geass

That's 6, in no particular order!. There are other anime I've watched, and liked, but these six are truly the best!. Note that none of them last more than 2 seasons, so there's little meaningless filler, unless other series like Bleach or Naruto!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Kyo kara maoh- Its funny and fanticy
Vampire Knight- I love vampires and I'v read the manga!
Black Blood brothers- Again Iove vampire storys
DNAngles- Dark is so smexy
Eye Shield 21- I havent seen the anime but I love the manga
Shugo chara- Funny, Ikuto IS cute and funny, Amu is funny
Vampire princess miyu- I like vampire
Marmalade boy -funny
To love ru- funny
Baccano- I dont know why
All of them have great plots
Sorry I know I spelled some things wrong,Www@Enter-QA@Com

Outlaw Star:First real ainme I watched and grew to love-its the best!
Toyko Revelation:First real anime movie
Pokemon-Well,we all got addicted to it,I grew out of that one though
Bleach-Its freekin' cool man
Naruto (and N!.Shippuden)-because Saskue is a classy character but the battles and stories are too long and I hate having to wait the next week for them!.
Ghost In The Shell:First Ainme I bought on dvd for myself
Gundam Wing-Sweet show!.
Dragon Ball Z-Man this show rocked,cant wait for the movie eeeek!!
Wolfs Rain-Deep and dark!.
One Peice-drove me mad,hated the art in it!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

10!. Strawberry Panic!-i dunno, probably just because its one of the better yuri animes I've watched

9!. La Corda D'Oro-It's hilarious and cute, and I personally think it's a bit better than Ouran HS Host Club!.

8!. Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei-honestly, just hilarious!. I've got no other reason ^^!.

7!. Ghost in the Shell-I really love animes that make you think!.!.!.ethics and all that!.

6!. Elfen Lied-It's violent and it's disturbing, but I think that those factors are what most effectively communicate the story!. Just because it's so gory and realistic, it shocks me and makes me think about the world we live in!.!.!.

5!. The Rose Of Versailles-One of the best older animes I've seen, and Oscar is just win xD!.

4!. Revolutionary Girl Utena-I'll admit that when I started watching this, I was a bit put-off by it's style!. Eventually I grew to like it, then adore it!. It's just unique, and has a good storyline, imo!.

3!. Serial Experiments Lain-I love the abstract-ness of it, and I feel like the whole cyberspace thing especially applies to us people with all our technology ^^!.

2!. Wolf's Rain-I fell in love with the characters Tsume, Toboe, and Cher!. This has got the right elements of drama, adventure, romance, etc!. I loved the plot, and the ending was especially bittersweet!.

1!. Paranoia Agent-This anime will always hold a place in my heart!. I love it because of it's psychologicalness!. Some episodes are so deep/confusing that I have to go back and watch it again to fully understand it!. Some of the episodes were so sad that I started tearing up!

=D and that wraps up my list, hope this helped, and all that other jazz!Www@Enter-QA@Com

Can't think of 10, but here's my list of anime no kami!.

Death Note: It is one of the most clever, well-thought out, witty, and amazingly smart things I've ever seen EVER!. Death Note is an enduring classic that creates such a complex story from such a simple plot!.

Code Geass: The Masters of Cliff hangars all got together one day and joined the smartest people on Earth!. They all decided they wanted to put their talents to good use; thus Code Geass was born!. Once again, extremely smart, well-thought out, very strategic, and so creative!. It's the pure complexity of it that makes you say, "Wow!. that wasn't dumb at all!. I'm gonna actually remember it now!." (Take THAT scrubs)

Noein: OH MY GOSH!! Noein is the kind of thing you see once in a lifetime that grabs your emotions, puts them under lock and chain, and never lets go even after you've seen it!. When I saw it I couldn't talk for at least a half hour!. Noein is so beautifully crafted and so poetically told it's nothing short of the ultimate goal for other manga writers to reach!. Noein's way of hiding the full story from you and just smacking you right in the middle of the story, sending everything they've got on you, and then, in the next moment, leaving you breathless from awe while you slowly realize what just happened, is similar to the technique attempted by Neon Genesis, only fully mastered to the point where you scorn American TV for not being Noein!.

Here's a link to ep 1: subs, of course!.

Kodomo no Omocha-It was pretty long but it was soooo sweet!!!
Bokura ga Ita-So romantic i cried a lot when i was watching this
Elfen Lied-I didnt really like the ending but the plot line was awesome
Special A haha typical high school japanese story :P
Fruits Basket-really cute as well
Lovely Complex-i cried in this one aas well due to the romance and stuff lol
Naruto-I loved the action
Kanon-weird!.!.!.!. but good :P
School Days-BLOODY ENDING lol
Kamichama KarinWww@Enter-QA@Com

These are animes that I have really enjoyed and their placesment it due to either how it affected me or made me laugh

My Hime
Ninja Nonsense
Scrapped princess
Magical Play
To heart
Jungre de Ikou
Death Note
Code geassWww@Enter-QA@Com

If you ever want to get laid, stop watching anime!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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