What graphic novel would you recomend?!

Question: What graphic novel would you recomend!?
i really love watchmen, v for vendetta, the killing joke and umbrella academy the apocolapse suite!. im also interested in batman and want to know more about him and his relationship with the jokerWww@Enter-QA@Com

Hello ,
"Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth" ;
Commissioner Gordon informs Batman that the patients of Arkham Asylum have taken over the building, and will murder the staff unless Batman agrees to meet with them!. Among the hostages is a young woman named Pearl, who works in the kitchens; the current Administrator, Dr!. Cavendish; and Dr!. Ruth Adams, a therapist!. The patients are led by The Joker, who kills a guard to spur Batman to obey his wishes!. Two-Face, meanwhile, has degenerated even further into madness as a result of Adams' well-intentioned therapy; he replaced his trademark coin with a six-sided die, and then with a tarot deck of cards, rendering him incapable of making simple decisions such as going to the bathroom!."
You may find the following early graphic novels of interest ;
Graphic Witness: Four Wordless Graphic Novels by Frans Masereel, Lynd Ward, Giacomo Patri and Laurence Hyde
From Publishers Weekly
Starred Review!. In his afterword to this jaw-dropping collection of early, little-known wordless graphic novels, cartoonist Seth asserts that rather than being seen only as a link between early comic strips and today's graphic novels, these stories stand powerfully on their own!. The proof is in the stark appearance produced by wood cuts and lino-engraving and the themes in these once-controversial works: social unrest, the plight of the downtrodden worker and the oppression of the weak by the strong!. Masereel's The Passion of a Man (1918) tells a modernist Christ story in 25 dark pictures, while Hyde's Southern Cross (1951) is a pastoral tragedy about Pacific islanders caught up in the U!.S!. Navy's A-bomb testing!. Ward's Wild Pilgrimage (1932) is a passionate aria to the human spirit, threatened with crushing death by the specter of soulless factory work and cruel bosses!. Patri's White Collar (1939) is the real standout; on the surface it's a simple story about a commercial artist fighting to keep his family going, but ending as a stunning validation of the dignity of man!. Handsomely printed and bound and smartly edited, this book sets the standard for how to present anew the important but lesser-known classics of graphic fiction's past!. (Sept!.)
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This book is a treasure trove for the knowledgeable artist and the historian!. (Carol Ohlin Quebec Home and School News 20070918)
Provides a rare glimpse into the beginnings of the art form!. (Goethe-Institut 20071013)
Themes of social justice predominate, but it is the passion and craft of the artwork that makes the greatest impact!. (Alex Good The Guelph Mercury 20070819)
A high-minded, serious art form that transcends the barriers of language while still telling a story!. (Philip Marchand The Toronto Star 200801)
In a market glutted with pituitary cases in spandex, [this] reintroduction of real life concerns is a necessary tonic!. (www!.latereviews!.blogspot!.com 20071215)
While the stories are all tragic, the art is spectacular!. (Annie Boulanger The Recofd (New Westminster BC) 20071219)
Walker [mentions] that these artists were figures of suspicion to J!. Edgar Hoover's FBI!.!.!.!. Nothing could speak better of them!. (George Fetherling Seven Oaks 200709)
Jaw-dropping collection !.!.!. sets the standard for how to present anew the important but lesser-known classics of graphic fiction's past (Publishers Weekly 20071312)
Themes of social justice predominate, but it is the passion and craft of the artwork that makes the greatest impact!. (Alex Good The Record 20071018)
For the person who loves books and novelty and contemplation!. (Lois Cooper Muskoka Today )
Deeply political, these beautiful, quasi-expressionist woodcut narratives remind us how stark and chilling suffering seemed!. (Georgia Straight )
Graphic Witness is a collection of novels !.!.!. that say eloquently in pictures what words often struggle to convey!. (Ken Simmons The Telegram (St!. Johns, NF) )
If you're!.!.!. interested in the craft of relief carving, then you really owe it to yourself to get this book!. (Canadian Woodworking )
[This] collection will have many awestruck and amazed!.!.!. the magnificence of these stories is in their medium!. (Lance Eaton Curled Up With a Good Book (www!.curledup!.com) )


From Hell, a meticulously researched tale on the Jack the Ripper case!. i was willing to let the lumpy art slide by for the riveting taleWww@Enter-QA@Com

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