Naruto Manga...Any couplings proof?..Have they gotten Sasuke back?!

Question: Naruto Manga!.!.!.Any couplings proof!?!.!.Have they gotten Sasuke back!?
Like NaruSaku!?!.!.
I am SO out of tune with the manga,now these days!.
Can someone update me with what happened since chapter 428!?Www@Enter-QA@Com

well pain has been ordered to capture the nine tailed fox( akatsuki are after all the tailed beasts) he has practically destroyed konoha looking for naruto but naruto was somewhere else training!. it is revealed that konhamaru knows the rasengan( although its weak)!. naruto eventually returns with three other huge toad summonings to konoha!. he is in sage mode( sage mode is a mode in which the user gathers the natural chakra in the surrounding environment) he has mastered the sage mode something not even jiraiya could do as he needed help from the frogs!.fukasaku(wise frog) naruto only has red bags around his eyes which is present always in sage mode!. this is a sign of a true sage!. he also has a badass new robe like the 4th did, but in different coluors(orange with black flames) he then fights pain destoying a few of his bodies(he has 6) and he is yet to reveal his new move which may be called the waves of rage!. in sage mode naruto is super strong and very quick!. fukasaku( a wise frog) stated that naruto has surpassed the ones who followed and there were to images of the 4th and jiraiya next to him, so he means them!. also sasuke is after the 8 tails jinchuuriki( host body) and has vowed to destroy konoha and has the mangekyou sharingan and is goin blind!. he has also lost his curse seal(which means naruto is gonna kick his ***)!. also shizune is 99% dead!.orochimaru is permanently sealed by itachi in a sword

also the most likely couples are shikamaru and temari!. naruto and saskura are seeming to get closer and closer each chapter!. sakura is falling for naruto!. she showed this when yamato talked with her and with sai!. naruto and hinata is a long shot now as well as sasuke and saskura!. and kakashi's death is not yet confirmed!. and also rumour has it that itachi gave naruto some powers when ones of itachis crows flew into naruto's mouthWww@Enter-QA@Com

naruto came back and is giving pian a beating!. he is now literally more powerfull than any other character ever!.http://mangahut!.com/manga/Naruto/429/pg1!.!.!. should read it just a little moreWww@Enter-QA@Com

Well basically!. that one guy pain was in the village looking for naruto but couldn't find him!. konoha was finding out his secret so he blew the whole village up!. Most of them survived but the village was destroyed!. Naruto came back all powerful and is kicking pains butt!. That's where its at!.

oh and i think kakashi is dead!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Since then pein has pretty much completely destroyed the village!. NAruto has come back and fought!. And we still don't know 100% if Kakashi is dead!. Other than that your only abot 3 chapters behind!. Ans no sasuke isn't back!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

So far you're on track, just a few chapters behind!. Pein has destroy the village, Naruto is back and is now fighting pein!. We're not really sure if Kakashi is dead!. See, you didn't miss much!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

ugh!.!.!.!. real fans just watch/read and admire the series instead of making up sick couplings for their own sexual desires!.Www@Enter-QA@Com


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