Superhero Ideas! Anybody wanna help me out?!

Question: Superhero Ideas! Anybody wanna help me out!?
So our church group is doing this superhero thing for a youth event!. All of the girls have to think of a silly superhero name and a costume to go along with that name!. I want my name to be really really funny, and I want my costume to look really cute but church appropriate!. I really want to wear like some really bright leggings with something over it!. But I need to figure out the funny name first and then pick out some ideas for a costume!.

Can you give me some hilarious ideas for a name!? And a costume to go with that!? Thank you so much! Have fun with it!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Rainbow Man - wears bright colours and travels via rainbows!.

The Splash (yes, just like The Flash) - Wears an inflatable swimming pool around his waist, Flippers, Goggles, bathing cap and nose plugs

The amazingly super and powerful captain tinfoil - Kind of speaks for itself!. Costume would be easy :D

The Overgrown Baby - Wears a pacifier, baby suit and bonnet!. Shoots dirty nappies at evildoers!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

captain cup cake- when she was a kid someone stolle her cup cake so when she grew up she vowed to steal cup cakes from all the undeservable cup cke havvers of the world

she has a pink jump suit and hair like a cup cake topWww@Enter-QA@Com

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