When will the Gokinjo Monogatari manga be in English?!

Question: When will the Gokinjo Monogatari manga be in English!?
MANGA, not anime!. I don't like anime!.
Considering the popularity of ParaKiss and Nana, why hasn't an English-language publisher picked it up!?!?!?Www@Enter-QA@Com

I am not sure when it will be officially released, but you can read the entire manga in English at onemanga!.com!. To answer your second question, it is because manga and anime sales in America have been diminishing rapidly!. Recently, new series are only picked up if the publisher is 100% sure that it will sell well-enough to cover the cost of licensing, translating and printing, on top of other fees!. Anime popularity is far from diminishing here, but everyone just downloads everything these days!. It's depressing!.!.!.

This happens because of the gap in between an anime/manga's release in Japan and its release in America!. Before something is licensed by a US publisher for release here in the states, there is really no way to stop groups from subbing/translating something and releasing it online!. By the time it is finally released here, most of the people who wanted to see it already have, and only a small fraction would dish out the money to purchase it!. I download all my anime, but am also a large supporter of the US anime scene, so I also purchase the DVD's and manga as well!. Unfortunately, we do not all do that!. The only real way to even try to rectify this would be to have a near-simultaneous release, but that is close to impossible!.

Well, I hoped I answered your questions!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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