What is the cheapest price I can buy Bleach Manga Books (UK)?!

Question: What is the cheapest price I can buy Bleach Manga Books (UK)!?
RRP is like 5!.99 and I am currently looking for volumes 17+

I have tried eBay and they are all standard price if not more, also at the price of £2!.75 for the book and £2!.75 delivery, it doesn't exactly shave much off the price!.

Any ideas, online or retail, unfortunately Waterstones has ended their 3 for 2 on all manga books! Plus I don't want to download them because I have a 16 book set, pointless to destroy the collection lol!.

Thanks for any suggestions!Www@Enter-QA@Com

I recommend using the Book Depository website they have free postage, i used them all the time the bleach books most of them are around £4!.40 i did see if i could find cheaper but i think these where!. There a bit like play evening thing will be send separate but ive never had any issues with them!.

vol 17 http://www!.bookdepository!.co!.uk/WEBSITE/!.!.!.

vol 18 http://www!.bookdepository!.co!.uk/WEBSITE/!.!.!.

vol 19 http://www!.bookdepository!.co!.uk/WEBSITE/!.!.!.

vol 20 http://www!.bookdepository!.co!.uk/WEBSITE/!.!.!.

vol 21 http://www!.bookdepository!.co!.uk/WEBSITE/!.!.!.

vol 22 http://www!.bookdepository!.co!.uk/WEBSITE/!.!.!.

vol 23 http://www!.bookdepository!.co!.uk/WEBSITE/!.!.!.

vol 24 http://www!.bookdepository!.co!.uk/WEBSITE/!.!.!.

Vol 25 http://www!.bookdepository!.co!.uk/WEBSITE/!.!.!. this one is £5!.14 but its the most recent release which is why its a bit more

Hope that helps you =) you always made me realise how far behind i am myself

Aya-Kun xWww@Enter-QA@Com

There are some great Book Companies/shops on Amazon!.com that have some good prices for manga, especially for alot of volumes!.!.!.I think!.
Waterstones should make them buy one get one free!.!.!. 3 for 2 always ends before I get there too lol jk :DDDWww@Enter-QA@Com

its not quite the same but you can read all the way up to the latest chapter on wwwonemanga!.comWww@Enter-QA@Com

for 37$ dollars u can buy tham all plus more other mangas that you want!.
take a look

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