Anyone know the song a the END of the Dragonball Z movies?!

Question: Anyone know the song a the END of the Dragonball Z movies!?
Last I checked, it only showed the name of the guy who did them, not the names!. I know its the same song from movie 10, all the way to 13, so I'm hoping someone knows it!. Thanks in advance ^^Www@Enter-QA@Com

It doesn't really have a name!. I think its just refferred to as DBZ movie theme!. Here's a link if you would like to download it, its not the best quality!. I've got the best quality one and will try to upload it!.
www!.rapishare!.com/files/187303678/DBZ_!.!.!. !.html

if i end up uploading mine, i'll be sure to give you the link as it is amazing quality!.

That link doesn't work for some reason, unfortunately, so instead u can do this:
enter www!.rapidshare!.com
then copy and paste this straight after it; /files/187303678/DBZ_movie!.mp3 !.html

Great News!!
I uploaded mine so dw about the other one!. This is the best quality u can get!!

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