Is there a my girl the manga chapter 21?!

Question: Is there a my girl the manga chapter 21!?
you guys is my girl the manga still coming out and is it out where can i find scans 21 and up!?!?!?
i already know manga fox only got up to 21!.!.!.

nd pleas guys only f ur really sure there more chapters there type the website!!

thanks alotttttttttt!Www@Enter-QA@Com

According to BakaUpdates, up to chapter20 (vol4) has be scanlated!. The manga is 5 Volumes long and completed, so there should be a few more chapters coming out!.

See BakaUpdates at http://www!.mangaupdates!.com/series!.html!?!.!.!. for info on My Girl manga!.

To read check http://www!.onemanga!.com/My_Girl/!. Or http://stoptazmo!.com/manga-series/my_gir!.!.!.
But they only have until chap20 (given thats all that has be scanned so far)

Hope that helps!. ^-^Www@Enter-QA@Com

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