Naruto part 3 ideas and concepts?!

Question: Naruto part 3 ideas and concepts!?
a naruto part 3, like once Naruto is hokage (or whoever is))!. Sasuke could have like absorbed naruto's 9 tailed after he wins their final battle during shippuden and the 3rd part could be like a whole new ninja war, like with madara as a leader of a village, and sasuke as a leader mof a village (with is curse mark, nine tailed fox chakra, and his sharingan), and kabuto as a leader of a village!. I am not sure what would happen with the other demon animal's chakra's!.
Anyway, do you like my idea's!?
What are your concepts or ideas!?
noah smith!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

I would like to ask you to read two chapters of the manga then (Please) re think your idea!.



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