Who's music video is this? Guy rips out his heart and gives it to girl?!

Question: Who's music video is this!? Guy rips out his heart and gives it to girl!?
Does anybody know which music video this is: This girl is breaking up with her boyfriend!. I think he starts to tune out while she's talking/explaining the break up and the music starts playing!. When she's finished, I think she says something like "We can still be friends" or something, and he rips out his heart and gives it to her!. He says something along the lines of she has it now, and that they aren't going to be able to be friends because every girl he will consider dating will never measure up and he'll always compare!. I don't know, something like that!. Sorry, it's very sketchy in my head and a lot of the details are probably wrong!. But I think I gave you a main idea!. I can not recall by the life of me who's music video it was, does anyone know!?Www@Enter-QA@Com


the song is called - "Who's Gonna Save My Soul!?" by Gnarls Barkley

Music Video: http://new!.music!.yahoo!.com/videos/Gnarls!.!.!.


Motion City Soundtrack-Broken Heart!?!?

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