Should I go more often to disco?!

Question: Should I go more often to disco!?
My mother always tell me to go out to enjoy life!. However, I from one side want to enjoy life, have sex with young girls but from other side I behave like some old man and I sit at home and watch TV!.
It seems to me that I do not allow myself to be happy and worry-free!. I always think about problems and the more I think such problems seem worse!. Should I go to some club and enjoy with young girls as I did when I was younger!?
What is wrong with me!?Www@Enter-QA@Com

Actually, you should understand that there is something very right with you! You don't have your head in the sand, brother!. You don't have to be out there having sex with multiple partners to be enjoying life!

At some level, you realize that we live in confusing times!. People are walking around with HIV-AIDS or have to pay child support for 18 years because they don't excercise restraint!.

No my brother, there's nothing wrong with you!. However, you should have interests in music, sports, work and ladies!. But, you don't have to sleep with them to enjoy time with them!. You can go out in a group or share a common interest or activity!.

If she's cool, you can take it to the next level!. Just get to know her before you decide to go there!. It's all about developing sound judgement in a chaotic world!. Keep it real!.



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