Any ideas of what to do to entertain myself? i'm stuck home alone...without !

Question: Any ideas of what to do to entertain myself!? i'm stuck home alone!.!.!.without a car!!?
i'm 16 any ideas!?!?!Www@Enter-QA@Com

Think of ways to re decorate your room!. With the help of your computer you can get all kinds of info!. Think of what your room needs ie more space, more style, more coordination, think of your favorite color palate and colors that would accent it!.Go to DYI area and see what can be made that would suit your needs!. Things like curtains and throw pillows are a breeze to make on a sewing machine but if you don't have one there are products like Sticth Witchery or Singers Sew No More that hold as well as sewing but you just apply it like glue!. It holds even through washing!. You can add frosting to mirrors to give it a expensive decorator look (Home Depot) There are lots of ideas to make it your own!. You can do it on a cheap budget and feel very proud of what you accomplish!. BTW if you are thinking of painting!. Go to the paint section of the store and look for paints that were made by mistake!. They are always cheaper and you can combine them to come up with your own color!. Or buy a small can of something really really bright and it to a can of off brand white, Stir it good, Viola! Instant custom paint!. Look for sheets and bedspread on sale!. You can even use the sheets to make your curtains!. Use leftover pieces to cover table tops, just add fringe or brica brac glued on to avoid hemming!.Even make your own lanp ahde!. Trace current shade with paper or fabris you like and spray old shade with glue!. Carfulley add your fabric!. Add littele pompom balls on he bottom!. Remember the more do dads you add the more pricey it lookd!. Good luck and ask if you have questions Make heading on e mail : room make over,Www@Enter-QA@Com

when i was sixteen masturbation was my only cure for boredom lolWww@Enter-QA@Com

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