Does anyone know where I can watch What I Like About You online?!

Question: Does anyone know where I can watch What I Like About You online!?
It's a specific episode actually!. It's the one where Holly comes back from Europe with Ben!. also, season 2 please!.
Thank you all of you who gave me suggestions!.
(please don't tell me things like The N or ABC Family, because I already tried those)Www@Enter-QA@Com

I'm not sure if it has your episode or not, but here is some sites that have episodes of What I Like About You!.


http://www!.fancast!.com/tv/What-I-Like-Ab!.!.!. - this link might be a bit confusing, but it does have some episodes, but i'm not sure which one

and you don't have to download anything! yay!

http://www!.tv!.com/what-i-like-about-you/!.!.!. - that's a list of the episodes just incase your curious

i hope this helps

and, if you really want to watch it, i think they have it on the N on tv often nowadays!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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