Comedy prank phone call. who is this by?!

Question: Comedy prank phone call!. who is this by!?
this is probably a really tough question!.

several years ago i downloaded the funniest prank call!.
i thought it was by roy d mercer, but after looking i can't find anything on it!.

the title of it was "chinese restaurant"
it was a prank call where a guy made an order!.
i remember him saying he wanted to order some snoop dogg dogg!.
he wanted some ice cube with his iced tea!.

he said, are you thai!?
ohhh!. me thai tooo!

okay i don't know if that helps any!.
but i want to find this again!. but have noo idea where to start or who it's by!.
anyone recognize this and can tell me!?
please :]Www@Enter-QA@Com


not totally sure, but odds are it was Tenacious D!.!.they did lots of prank phone calls like that!.!.!.
also try doing a search for Crank YankersWww@Enter-QA@Com

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