EASY 10 POINTS Rate my life ?!

Question: EASY 10 POINTS Rate my life !?
OK my name is chloe, i am just lately single, my mom owns a Christian book store and my dad owns a tortilla factory (we are not mexican), I go to a very modern Public School, I have my big group of friends that live in my neighborhood and more friends at school, i'm an only child, we live in a fixed up house that is ninety years old that has beautiful woodwork and its pretty big, I have a dog a cat, two birds, and two fish, I live in a pretty small town but its easy to go everywhere on my bike on the back rodes, now i have wavy thick brown hair, hazel eyes, c cup boobs, cheekbones and what my mom calls a bee stung mouth!. I have a new HP computer big flat screen Tv(in living room) and the new voyager phone my down side is i have pretty bad anxiety,oh and i am also trilingual!. BE HONEST, also if you were a guy would you date me!?EASY 10 POINTSWww@Enter-QA@Com

you seem like me!. good life!.
also trilinugal, live in an old house that i just fixed up with my friends and our body/face sounds similar!. i travel a lot more than you seem like you do though and im in college at the Ohio state university!. my downside is that i have hypomania (you've got anxiety i guess!?) anyway, i've been asked out plenty and so i guess guys would date you too!. idk why people are being spoiled but thats probably because you are talking about yourself but you just wanted an opinion so whateverrrrrrrr!.!Www@Enter-QA@Com

No offense, but you sound extremely self-centered, shallow and materialistic!.Www@Enter-QA@Com


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