Does modern music influence lifestyle choices?!

Question: Does modern music influence lifestyle choices!?
Personally i think it does, heavy metal, Death metal ect i think influences anger and feeling of hate, helping towards rash choices and bad long term choices

Anyone think different!?Www@Enter-QA@Com

interesting!.!. i do agree that "death metal" tends to be angry and aggressive (has to appeal to teenage angst) and some people like Richard Ramirez aka the night stalker!. a well known killer that blamed rock band AC-DC for his actions!. I don't really believe that music can influence you, unless you wish to be influenced by it, or want an excuse for your actions!.

If your remember a shooting at an american school, i cant remember the name sorry!.!. where the culprit's room was searched because people don't wish to believe that we can be so heartless and have to have reasons or be subliminally influenced to commit it!. he has a number of CD, some rap and marylin manson!. Straight away they blamed which one!? not the rap which sings about ******* ho's and shooting you dad or whatever!. Its personal taste and i think i lost the question sorry got carried away :SWww@Enter-QA@Com

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