Ideas for a TEENAGE B'DAY PARTY --?!

Question: Ideas for a TEENAGE B'DAY PARTY --!?
Im having my birthday party soon (im a teenager) and need some ideas of what to do

should i have a huge party with everyone i know!?
or just a small thing with really close friends!?

either way, what kinda thing shud i do!? just at my house or somewhre cool!? theme or no theme!? if theme, whats something good!?

im sick of having boring little get togethers for my bdays - i wanna do something exciting and fun that everyone will remember and enjoy

any help
easy ten points

wiv big parties u worry about everyone turning up & spend most of the night going between different groups of people trying to make sure everyone is happy so u cant really relax like u can wiv a small group of close m8s!. But i think big partys can be more fun (and u get more presents and money! lol)
if ur gonna hav a big party check for some local venues (sorry dont know how old u are) themes are good but it costs people more to buy a costume etc!. but themes make it more intresting
a good theme is hollywood, you can hav a red carpet on the way in wer ur friends get photos took and do things like awards for best dressed and give them fake oscars and a goodie bag to go home with make up and things in :)Www@Enter-QA@Com

Well "teenager" ranges from 13-19, so I'll just assume you're somewhere in the middle!. :P

Honestly, I would say do something with a smaller group of closer friends, and not everyone you know!. This is based on my own experiences; the smaller ones I went to, where I was good friends with the birthday person, was a lot more fun than one where I was not so great friends with them (yet they had practically everyone in class there)!. This is probably because you can interact with your friends more, and spend less time making sure you reach everyone!.

Now, as for what to do for a birthday!.!.!.
Something that I have done for years is to find something unusual to do; some have included:
-driving to a nearby larger city that had a huge IMAX theater to see a movie
-driven a ways out of town to go to a museum that also had an ice rink and cafe
-had pizza and then went to a local place for dancing (with a lesson)
-taken a few friends to dinner and a concert/performance (in my case it was to see a concert and [a different year] see some acrobats perform)
-pizza and a movie at the local theater

There are other things we have done, but I can't think of them right now!. However, people seem to really enjoy doing something completely different (in my town, it seems that it is always something at the person's house, or going to the rollerblading rink)!.

Themes are fun to have, but it depends on what you're doing!. You can have a theme for coordinating the designs of you invitations and your cake, etc!. For example, one year we did a pizza dinner, then walked across the street to the theater to see The Phantom of the Opera; we had metal roses for favors, and the cake was phantom-y themed, just to give you an idea!.

Hope I helped at least a little!Www@Enter-QA@Com

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