What are some Useful things I can do online?!

Question: What are some Useful things I can do online!?
On the weekends, I am on the computer a lot
Myspace & Facebook get pretty boring though

I like doing things online that are actually useful/have a good purpose!.
((kinda like a big project))

What are some things that I can do!?
((Please do not suggest Online dating, runescape, learning another language, getting a college degree or anything that involves giving my home address!.))

Thanks ^_^Www@Enter-QA@Com

researching more about the kind of jobs you would like to have in the future and what you can do to get there!?
(i'm assuming you're still young)
it's really hard to answer your question since it really depends on what YOU like =)
for me though, i really like graphic design, and i surf the net to get inspired
i also look for tutorials to learn new things, etcWww@Enter-QA@Com

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