Why does Hollywood place such unrealistic standards on everyone, & why do people!

Question: Why does Hollywood place such unrealistic standards on everyone, & why do people try to emulate it!?
Not only does Hollywood try to look larger than life (and succeeds), but they place the same pressure on everyone else, and sure enough, many others fall for it and try to emulate all of that!. I mean Hollywood is literally filled with the most fake, superficial, rich, plastic people I've ever seen!. They're so nipped tucked, and globbed with the most expensive makeup money can buy, the right clothes!.!.!.so many surgeries,!.!.!.these people aren't even REAL people anymore, from their hair to their face to their body, nothing is real, yet,!.!.!.everyone tries to emulate it in society, and goes crazy if they don't look A-list celebrity good!.

I mean, what's the point of all of this!?Www@Enter-QA@Com

KUDOS to you! I have to compliment you for asking such interesting questions I can relate to!.

As for your question; Hollywood started out as nothing more than entertainment, but as they evolved, they started to see how many people in society have self Identity issues vs those who have self esteem, and a drive in life to be their own person!. Many people in society these days lack values, and lack the mentors needed to give them a decent direction in life, so many people resort to media and the stereotypes set by the media for a self Identity!. It's very sad, and I believe this is just one of the things that is a root cause for society going down the toilet so to speak!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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