What are some good birthday ideas for my son who's turning 13?!

Question: What are some good birthday ideas for my son who's turning 13!?
My son is turning 13 in a couple of weeks!. I am trying to figure out some fun yet inexpensive things to plan for him!. I would like to invite a couple of his school buddies over and do some things, but he says they won't come!. None of his friends have ever showed up to his bday party!. To me this is a special birthday, him becoming a teenager!. I really wanna do something special and make some fun plans!. I looked into bowling, but that's not very cheap for 10 or more people!. I also looked into Medieval Times restaurant/show and hell to the no!.!.!.just for me, him, and my other spawn would be $140!.00!. Anyone have any ideas!? His interests consist of video games and the military!. That pretty much sums him up!. Please help!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

what about a murder mystery party
a video games tournament ChallengeWww@Enter-QA@Com

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