How can I get better at guitar, school, and home in general?!

Question: How can I get better at guitar, school, and home in general!?
I am just looking for ways to be more organized and more!. Thanks!Www@Enter-QA@Com

For Guitar:
This is a really good suggestion!. Believe me, it works! - If you watch a lot of television at night, as many people do, always have your guitar in your hands while you're watching!. It's great, because you don't feel like you're in the tedium of rehearsal, because you're being entertained by the tv in front of you, but in fact you're really improving!.

All guitar playing is is getting your mind acquainted with the instrument - getting your brain to control your hands/fingers accurately in order to manipulate the fretboard and strings to produce music!. Doing this does not require your full attention!. It's just like learning to speak when you were younger!. You didn't have to concentrate on every word and understand every rule in order to become an efficient speaker!. Learning to play an instrument is exactly the same thing!. It' s just a langauge!.

also, LEARN SONGS AND LEARN THEM BY EAR!. - While your watching tv and the commercials come on, you might hear a jingle or song that you find a little catchy!. Try to find some of the notes on your fretboard!. This helps develop your ear and your technique!.
Remember: Listening to music is just as important as playing music!.

Don't listen to people who say all you need to do is practice!. Duh! That's obvious!. It's HOW you practice and the kind of relationship you develop with your guitar that's important!.!.!.

Really, just always have your guitar strapped to you, whether you are going to play it or not!. Because you'll always find time to noodle around a little bit here and there if it's always with you!.

For School:
Always do your classwork and homework, doing these will get you good grades even though you aren't doing well in tests or quizzes, trust me it works!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

GUITAR: If your not taking lessons, take them!. Then write down everything in a note book!. Always workes for me!

SCHOOL: Always put everything in a folder and do your best!. Don't slack or be lazy!

HOME: Do your chores and you will feel good about yourself!Www@Enter-QA@Com

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