How Do I Read This Capricorn Woman?!


How Do I Read This Capricorn Woman?

Firstly, let me just say not to waste your time with responses like don't go by horoscopes because if you know anything about astrology then you know that horoscopes have nothing to do with it.

I like this girl. She is a Capricorn with an Aries rising and Leo Moon. I have never truly dated a Capricorn b4 and I don't know much about them and want to know if she likes me bc she's a little confusing. Some facts:

It seems like she'll be ignoring me bc she wont answer my calls or respond to my texts, but as soon as I send a text like..."Ok...I give up" I get a call and she'll tell me she isn't ignoring me, but just working a lot or out and I should be patient.

She's very sweet to me. She told me I am very attractive and she really likes my voice and finds it soothing.

Problem is she hasn't made any real time for me. So, I can't feel her out. Is she really busy and interested in me? If not interested, why would she keep me hanging? Is this typical Capricorn?

Answers: I am a Capricorn and I do the same things at times. I will get real busy and not pay attention to people in my life. All you have to do is ask . If you ask her if she is into you she will give you the answer. I actually liked a guy alot and only talked to him about 7 times a year for a while. Now we talk all the time everyday. You just have to give it time and ask questions when you are not sure. Do not say I give up just say hey do you like me and do you see us together. She will most likely give you the answer and if she says yes but continues to act like this don't worry it is just her Cappy nature. you read using your eyes. =p i have one like that must be the way they are, i havent heard from mine in 3 weeks . they have no time leave you hanging wont talk steel walls , is what they have , just when you think you can penetate it it goes right back up. so get used to it or get away run for the hills thats where yo will find the goat in a cave locked up and working, It is typical (insecure) Capricorn behaviour. Not all Capys will need to be drawn out so much but she is probably unsure of what you want from her. And doesn't know what to do or where to go with things.

Draw down her icy sheath and I'm sure you will be blessed with a very lovely, fun and spunky independant type of woman. = ] click on the capricorn woman Tiff is right. Usually you will find out after 10 years if your capricorn friend is really into your you and your relationship :) If that's too long, that is too bad because that's how long it takes to get our attention. Wow, I'm a Cappy with Leo moon, too! And do these, too! I think that she is busy...If she wasn't interested, you 'd get the message..And I think it's very typical of Capricorn, the whole thing..You have to make her feel safe to move in a relationship with you.

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