What's the difference between may and june geminis?!

Question: Do NOT talk about cusps, there are none. ;)
I'm a may gemini

Answers: Do NOT talk about cusps, there are none. ;)
I'm a may gemini

from my friends who are gems, one may one june id say may ones are more loyal, smarter, and make better friends. its when you cross them that they become the twin. june gems are not very loyal at all, the cheaters, the typical double personality. both are equally crazy, may ones are more crazy in an adventrious way, june ones more crazy in a destructive way. you would need osmeones birth chart for a more detailed analisis

About 5 days.

I think that there is no disparity at all. I just find that geminis on the
whole are very erudite and intellectual.

May Gemini's are less imaginative.
June Gemini's are less stable.

May Gemini's persist more.
June Gemini's resist more.

May Gemini's laugh louder.
June Gemini's talk faster.

May Gemini's have multiple partners but fewer orgasms.
June Gemini's have multiple orgasms but fewer partners.

Yes...indeed the level of insanity....I have a May Gemini sister....We might have to get her medicated...I'm talking a real Jekyll and Hyde personality there...Crazy with a capital "C"

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