Do taurus guys always need the girl to make the first move?!

Question: Are they always so dormant? Or they just want to test the girl?
If he hasn't been talking to me for days, shld I just make the move and talk to him? Or does it mean he doesn't like me?

Answers: Are they always so dormant? Or they just want to test the girl?
If he hasn't been talking to me for days, shld I just make the move and talk to him? Or does it mean he doesn't like me?

Not necessarily

Oh lord no... don't ever ever talk to a taurus guy.....

LOL.... this crap kills me....

No, a man should always make the first move.

horoscopes dont really tell that much, one of my friends is also a virgo but we are completely different. Just make the first move. Good luck.

We're just too shy and retiring, that's the problem!

If you want to talk to him, than do it.

As a taurus I can tell you I like to test the waters and see how far a girl can be pushed before going for the prize. So I would say if he is playing you off he is most likely interested.

Thats actually a good question.

My hubby is a Taurus and i had to chase him, it worked though as we been married 20 years. :)


Sorry to say,,,we are,,,,uptight,,,,but we would treat a lover like a princess,,,and a one woman man,,,Stubborn is the word i was thinking of,,,,,

No, why would you believe that? The zodiac has no scientific proof whatsoever. It is just a theory and a good guess of your future. But it is not true, absolutely untrue.

If a Taurus male likes you, there will be no question in your mind as to how he feels. He will call, email, text, or whatever he needs to do in order to get a hold of you. If he's not talking, he's off with someone else. They're the cheatingest bunch of men I have ever seen in my life, and very self centered as well. Expect to be blamed for all his problems.

Of course you have to make the first move with a Tarus - because a Tarus is a CAR!

They don't start themselves - hop in and turn the key.

All Taurus men are mass murderers and cannibals. Run away, as far as you can. Before you end up on a plate next to a side of cous-cous.

A lot of us Taurus's do need the girl to make the first move, but I have seen women that I am so attracted to that I just have to make that first move. I usually do it with humor. I suppose there are exceptions. Go ahead and talk to him, he's probably just shy or thinks he may have said something that offended you or made him look silly. No not all Taurus men are dominant. Maybe he's coming on dominant because he is hesitant to tell you his real feelings. If you like him, call him. Tell him I sent you :)

i am a female taurus and i have asked questions that revolve around me bing a taurus and i found some VERY interesting facts on this website and i say you should definitely rad every single line it will answer your question

Depends when in the sign he was born. Early he will be a Taurus with some Aries traits, late in the sign he may have some Gemini traits. In the middle of the sign will be pure Taurus but that will be shaded depending on the time of day they were born and this will colour the pure Taurean traits.

(p.s. I'm a Taurus and we are good at talking the stuff our star sign produces).

lol my son is a Taurus and he never held back once he reached 21
Before that he was really Conservative till he met his now wife.
I have noted that Taurean males are quite and gentleman types some girls find that odd like opening car door bringing them flowers, OK they spoil women
I have my doubts about your guy he might be just shy they do come across that way some times, test him out and you soon will know

do whatever u want and then you'll find out

Definitely. As a Taurus we tend to think that its not necessary for us to go get it, rather it come to us. I find that a Taurus possess the power of manipulation. It sounds bad but its a gift. We know deep inside that they will come to us, all we need to do is throw the line sit back and wait. A Taurus needs to be comfortable and know all is working. If you want to see some action, stop pursuing. He will DEFINITELY come to you. Its a given. Good Luck...

know all what a taurus guy wants and how to attract them....

I am a Taurus female, so I can only speak from that perspective, but I know I was not about to chase anybody down. I figured if someone was interested, they could come to me. I wasn't going to waste my time & energy chasing someone down.

depends on the taurus , some are a pain in the *** and other are easy going, understand the bull b 4 you tug on his horns

Horoscopes r fake

I’ve had 2 Taurus guys pursue me and they didn’t seem to have any hesitation about it. With one of them, I did a couple things to keep the romance going and he didn’t seem to mind; in fact he seemed flattered. But he made all the initial moves. One of these men had the moon in Aries and the other had Venus and Mercury in Aries though, so that may have helped them to be more direct since Aries is a very direct and ambitious sign.

I'm sure many Taurus men go after the girl they want, but the good news is if you do make the move or initiate something, it doesn’t seem to put them off as much as it does other men.

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