Do scorpios like to be ignored or they like alot of love and attention?!

Question: Im a VIRGO and my boyfriend is SCORPIO, and I think Scorpios need lots of attention and they love it. But i keep reading on the blogs that they want a girl to play hard to get, and they want what they cannot have. IWhat do you think??

What sign are you? and how old are you?

Answers: Im a VIRGO and my boyfriend is SCORPIO, and I think Scorpios need lots of attention and they love it. But i keep reading on the blogs that they want a girl to play hard to get, and they want what they cannot have. IWhat do you think??

What sign are you? and how old are you?

Hi, I think the answer is both. Of course everyone likes attention, including Scorpio men and women. The difference with Scorpios is that we are really moody. Sometimes we want love and attention, other times we just want to be left alone. yes, it is also true that we love a challenge. Nothing that comes easy is worth having. We love the feeling of accomplishment that is why we look for challenges. Someone else gave you an excellent breakdown of how a scorpio is...introverted, untrusting and stings when hurt. We are extremely emotional, extremely moody. If you don't call us much, we will either miss you a lot and call, or forget you. Again, it has to do with our moodiness. You have to be a detective when you date a scorpio. What I mean is that you need to pay attention to our moods and act accordingly. For your situation, I think you just need to find a healthy balance. Give him attention but dont smother him and when you sense he needs his alone time let him have it. Once you get inside the inner world of a scorpio, it can be very rewarding though. once we know and trust you, there isn't anything we won't do for you. Unfortunately, it just takes some time and patience to get to that point. I think you are doing just fine, just keep a health balance.

No one likes to be ignored, Hon. Well, nearly no one!

Anyway, you already said it. They want love but even more; they thirst for attention. BTW, yes, they want what they can't have even more. Or at least my friend, Danielle who was this mysterious water sign, was hooked on; guys that were hot yet unavailable. She'd charm her way into their pants, stay with them for a couple of days or months and MOVE ON to the next KILL!!

I'm a earth sign, Taurus and I'm 22 1/2, Hon.

Have a great, great night!!

: )

I'm also a Taurus, but my dad is a Scorpio. So is my grandpa.
And yes, they do like attention. I think scorpios tend to have too many emotions at one, sort of like being bipolar, but not quite that intense.
I do agree that no one likes to be ignored and everyone wants to be loved, but i wouldn't listen to those blogs.
You are the only one who knows what your boyfriend will want from you.

Hon I'm a fifty-three-year old Pisces with a Virgo husband and many Scorpio friends.
In answer to your question, I'd have to say BOTH. Scorpios like to be doted on and especially to receive sexual attention. (Understandable, since their sign rules the sex organs.) An unfulfilled Scorpio, in this respect, is an unhappy Scorpio.
But Scorpio, like the other Water Signs, sometimes demands soltitude as well. They require their alone time, and when they do, it's best to leave them to themselves to sort out their moods.

i Am a Scorpio and I'm 36. but I am a female so I can only tell you the attributes of a scorpion. We like to keep to ourselves (introverted) we don't like ALOT of people around because we don't trust alot.(we have good reason) but once we know that you are true we will open up. Now if we open up to you ,you will see a tot tally different person (a part yer,extroverted) but only with you cause we are loyal.

If you betray a Scorpion be sure you WILL pay. and just like a scorpion we will sting you and it could be life-threatening.

all we want is to be left alone when we want, and to smother you when we want love. If you give Me birth dates with year I can tell you if you are a match.

OK..both of you have a private the virgo were born in the week of enigma your guy was born in the week of depth.

Your relationship is passionate, alleviating and social. It is also impractable,depressed,and unworkable.

Like I stated before you both bring out the wild side in each other. The mystery of you the Virgo and the silence from your scorpion partner will never be completly erased. this relationship can be rocky as both of you tend to get into "depressed-like moods. Just know to give each other space.

Still though dont give up on it because once you understand (which you probably do now) each other it is a gret match for marrage.

Follow your more social instincts.Don't assume you have to be alone to be understood,share your hopes and dreams and just lighten up. It will be all good and if not you are young have fun :)

Hope that helped. If not blame it on the stars

i dont trip off of attention, only when someone is paying me too much attetion, then i start feeling uncomfortable, antisocial so id rather be left alone.


Well... My boyfriend is a Virgo and I'm a Scorpio, and I personally love getting a lot of attention from him, as long as he can be serious. I'd hate to be ignored by him.

I'm 14, he's 16. =D

I'm a scorpio and I love atention and if its not all about me then get ready I also know alot of scorpios who have my personality!GOOD LUCK!

i like to get attention
im a scorpio
and im 15

26 taurus girl 30 scorpio guy

i read that too and i do think it applies sometimes but you have to know your guy.
know that he is secretive and silent sometimes and more than loving others. respect his space and personality adapt to his seemingly bipolar mood swings and he will not only respect you but go out of his way to let you know he cares.
be confident in your relationship since scorpios dont waste their time, if he contacts you at all he IS into you! give him time to open up (he will still change up hot and cold on you thats just how they are) but once he opens up he is thinking you are his and has stopped looking.

I think it is a matter of being in an established relationship vs dating. In my repeated experience with Scorpio men, they pursue the hard to get woman. Then when they feel they have her and she is "under their thumb" so to speak, it is on to the next challenge.
Yet in a long-term established relationship, need loads of attention.

Virgos are more analytical and practical than Scorpios - Scorpios tend to be more emotional and raw. Scorpio and Virgo both have a deep respect for the qualities that make them different from each other. Scorpio brings Virgo into a world of increased feeling and passion, and from them Scorpio learns how to be more logical and rational. Romantically, Scorpio and Virgo are both too hot for many people to handle. Although Virgos seem cool and detached, they can focus passion like a laser. If they shine that light of love in Scorpio's direction, Scorpio and Virgo can have a long-lasting, happy relationship.

We love the attention but when first starting a relationship, we love a woman hard to get to a point.. but after a point, they get sick of it and forget about the girl unless she shows more.

For example, I had a virgo girl I attracted, she played hard to get and it actually made me like her more.. But alas, I still haven't gotten her yet:-(

And 34 Scorpio

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