Emotional capricorn?!

Question: I know this girl in my school who is a capricorn. She is a very emotional, kind, smart, and friendly person. I like her. She is different from other capricorns. Is it possible some capricorns are really emotional?

Answers: I know this girl in my school who is a capricorn. She is a very emotional, kind, smart, and friendly person. I like her. She is different from other capricorns. Is it possible some capricorns are really emotional?

When people talk about 'their sign" they are speaking about the Sun sign. The position of the sun is expressed in our ego, the inner-self.
When you speak of a person's personality and the departments there of, one must look to the whole natal chart. Many factors play into how a person; thinks, feels, acts, etc.
When looking to the emotional aspects, the Moon is a big player, as well as any aspects it forms with other planets. Ascendant and house placements are important as well.

Her moon [sign] may be a water sign, and water signs are known to be a bit emotional.

im a capricorn and although peiople percieve me to be all outgoing and loud I am actually very soft and deep. it sounds corny but of course she could be emotional!
bu if she doesnt turen out to be the girl youd like her to be, then mve on.
capricorns are pretty cool. :)

good luck xx

The Sun in Capricorn represents Conservatism and ambition.

Spirit's attempt to bring about the perfect society, to create heaven on earth; making practical, efficient connections with others on the physical plane; ambitious, feels pride in accomplishments; concern with truth, reality, "hard facts"; relationship to authority.

Serious, determined, disciplined, focused; needs to play more; fathering, disciplining love; authority figures; seeks certainties in life, wants things "cast in concrete"; the Businessman, concerned with the practical relationships to support yourself within society; not interested in "blue sky" ideas, needs to bring theory into concrete reality; "knowing the rules and playing the game"; making a niche in the world.

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac. Capricorns are born between December 22 to January 20. The ruling planet of Capricorn is Saturn and the symbol is the goat. The goat represents the two sides of the Capricorn personality—freedom and bondage. Like the surefooted goat, the Capricorn confidently reaches new heights. Yet, the domesticated goat remains on the mercy of its master. Capricorns, like the goat, are a bundle of contraries—given the freedom they reach great heights, leashed they remain demure and servile.

Saturn is the planet of fate. Capricorn people are serious, strong and steadfast characters in the zodiac signs. They are tireless, practical, hardworking, patent, intelligent, self-confident, extremely careful, and conscientious people with an iron will to succeed. They have the ability to work hard and the patience to wait for the result. Capricorns are trustworthy people and are respected for their integrity and hard work. They are the bedrock of the structure of their organizations.

Capricorn people can handle multi tasks at the same time. They are idealistic, practical, energetic, clear headed and meticulous planners. Being focused, honest, disciplined, methodical, unbreakable, unyielding, they can form clear objectives and work towards them to achieve success. They set high standards for themselves and use all their resources and prowess to accomplish their aims. They subordinate their personal interests and needs to the larger good of the company. They are unswervingly loyal to their masters. Once they start a project, they do not rest till it is completed.. Such people are highly disciplined, perfectionists, respectful and obedient to the authority and enforce and expect the same values from their subordinates too.

Capricorn people are generally reserved and conservative people highly respectful of the traditions and conventions. Saturn is their planet and it symbolizes the role of destiny in our lives. So, Capricorn people, even after putting the best possible efforts if they do not succeed, they will never complain but take it as destiny and bear their fate socially.

On the flip side, Capricorns are very serious by nature. They are also reserved and so do not fit comfortable is social gatherings. In fact, Capricorns by and large are loners given to contemplating for long hours. They don’t make friends easily and are reticent in their responses to their acquaintances. This itself may not be considered a negative trait but then no man is an island and communication is necessary between human beings. Keeping feelings pent up can lead to problems.

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Read this and I'll let you decide

It's definately possible for any Capricorn to be emotional.... Many of them have a really deep insight into themselves and get in to trouble with personal relationships by a deep focus on the self cause of lonliness. Usually though if something happened at birth or shortly after to cause them to reach out more they will express their innerselves quite well.

I think all capricorns are a bit emotional, most are better at hiding it than some of us.

Even those that are a bit distant and seem unemotional are really very nice warm people once you get to know them.

Capricorns are emotional, we just don't show them to the outside world. We appear just the opposite.

im emotional i just trty very hard not to show it so i dont get emaberssed and dont show weakness

Probably some of the woman, from what I've seen.

Yes, because it also depends on the rest of her chart...the Sun sign is only a part of it.

Also, the Capricorns born on the cusp with either Sag or Aqua may be more social and/or friendly than those of the second decan

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