Scorpio male head games?!

Question: i hear a lot of talk about scorpio head games,
can you be more specific? some examples?
like stories and/or what these games really are?

Answers: i hear a lot of talk about scorpio head games,
can you be more specific? some examples?
like stories and/or what these games really are?

Yep. We Scorpio men can be real pricks when it comes to head games. The thing is Scorpios want to know every thing about their partners; their emotional triggers, their insecurities, hopes and dreams and all that junk. However, Scorpios can't stand it when their partners try to probe into their psyche. This is where head games come into play. Rather than be completely open and honest, because to be open and honest to Scorpios means exposing our weaknesses, we activate defensive countermeasures. These defenses usually come in the form of emotional withdrawal where we starve our partners of love and attention. Scorpios are capable of loving their partners deeply and intensely yet for some reason we sometimes don't feel comfortable receiving that same intensity in return because it's actually quite frightening for us and this can make some Scorpios very defensive. In the end "head games" are the only way Scorpio men can protect themselves emotionally. The best way to manage Scorpio behavior is to mirror their actions. If they withdraw their attention from you then you simply do the same. The secret is that in most cases Scorpios actually require more emotional sustenance than you do so eventually they will have no choice, but to crawl back into your arms. As far as "disappearing for weeks" is concerned the only reason I ever did that was because I was looking for a cave in which I could brood and agonize in relative peace and quiet... we love our alone time.

the scorpio that i dated would make me feel like i was #1 for awhile. then he would literally disappear for like a week. while you are with them it's the best thing ever, but once you realize what butt heads they actually are you feel stupid.

I don't know about "head games" per se, but my first love was one and I'm a Sag and the 2 are very incompatible....when he got ready to dump me, instead of confronting me and say something like, "I think we need to start seeing other people" or something normal like that, he just stopped responding to my letters and just sort of vanished out of my was extremely cowardly not giving me any closure....btw....this was WAY before the advent of cell phones.

their cheaters i'll tell you that! anyways they'll tell you one thing..and mean another..make you VERY CONFUSED about how they feel about you...first they'll say they love you then you won't see them for a week then all the sudden they pop up and their married..very secretive and..CONFUSING!

For real, all the people abpove me got it on the mark!
But seriously, this "dumping you" with no closure, so true!
This guy dumped me, yet I kept emailing him, whats up?
He was too polite in his replys, but I felt from his writing that its finished, till one day I had it! I said if ur gonna reply, do it for real, not out of deplomacy, or reply at all, and Ill understand.
Its been 5 days now, Im sure its over by now! Finaly, I know where we stand!
And they do disappear apparently to deal with thier own shiz! HA! whatever though, Im so over him! His loss

The scorpio I'm seeing basically chased me for about a year, finally gave it a try...more than just a friendship...everything was fine...til around Christmas. He was the one that talked about us being together on Christmas, but when that time came, I didn't hear from fact, I didn't hear from him that weekend up to Christmas. It was so weird because just that Thursday we had spent time together and it was great! I left a couple of messages to see what was going on, no answer...he finally decided to call me 3 days after Christmas like nothing had happened.

The last straw was Valentine's Day...we have talked to each that Sunday before V-day, but didn't hear from him until the day AFTER V-day! I have to say, it blew me a little, but at the same time I thought it was funny...what made it even funnier was the fact when he called, he wanted to "really" see me...when I declined in a nonchalant way, he goes to say he had gotten me something and wanted to give it to me...(trying to manipulate me, lol) thinking I was going to change my mind...but I didn't and simply said good-bye. I decided to see him on Saturday and that is when I called him out. Come on, I'm a cap for God sake, I know all about being manipulative and cunning, lol. Ever since then, he's being acting right cause he knows I'm going to just treat him the same way he treats me...and the thing is, he HATES it. He hates being ignored, he hates me being nonchalant, and he hates not having a woman wanting/needing him.

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