Could anyone tell me more about Libras? ( They're so dang confusing! )?!

Question: Could anyone tell me more about Libras!? ( They're so dang confusing! )!?
I can!.!. barely!.!. understand them!.!.!. it's like they don't like me!.!.!. and like me at the same time!. Love/hate friendships!.!.
I'm a Cancer!.!. and they're just so!.!.!. confusing people in general! Could anyone tell me more about them!?

P!.S!. I love any sign in general!. I'm a sociable person, but I really don't understand Libra's!. ( Even more than Gemini *GASP* )
So tell me a little bit more about yourselves Librans( or anyone who knows them pretty well enough to tell me more about them )!. I'd be happy to know!. =)Www@Enter-QA@Com

Libras are a confusing bunch!. I am seeing one, and I'm still confused!.

Ps: My cousin is a cancer!. I truly adore her but cannot stand her mothering qualities!. YET I don' like it when she changes!. You know I found 2 types of cancers: The truly caring ones and the fake ones!. I have seen too many of the latter, because cancers cannot survive being genuine in the real world!. I just look at them and sigh!. Wish they could get themselves back!. Alot of cancers are attracted to geminis because they are the antithesis of cancer!. Soon the cancer takes up gemini traits, and becomes a different person!. seen it too many times!.

BTW, cancer, we Libras love you and don't want you to change, ever!. We don't expect you to cleave to our demands and we don't wish to hurt you, but often do, because of our fickle flighty air nature!. But we can't help it, just like we know you cant help your nurturing and mothering qualities!. We actually like it!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

the only really way to understand them is understanding change, they are flaky as hell!

2nd runner up to pisces on having changeable moods, all these things they do and go through is just a process of finding balance in their lives! libras try not to be too much of something and too less of anything so they end up being a little of everything else

edit: Libra's do find Cancers intriguing, they are caring and sensitive people, and have cute features whats not to love!? lolWww@Enter-QA@Com

Hmmmmmmmmm Lemme C !!!!

Spica!.!.!.!.Can i cut and paste your answer pretty pleaze !?!? I am so confusing dang !!! Or maybe I can oil my scales so they can sway smoothly!.
As for other traits, I won't squeal on Libras lol!.!.!.!.!.!. !!! Next thing you;ll know, you will hold it against us!.

Edit!.!.!.Je T'aime!.!.!.!. Who is always paging who!? Lol!.!.!.!. Can you please rectify !.!.!.!.!.hahahaha !!!Www@Enter-QA@Com

omg!.!.!.are u reading my mind or something!.!.!.!.

last two girls I dated are Libras!.!.and yes they are soooo dang confusing!.!.

they act like everyone is equal and they dont give me the special attention that I wanted!.!.!.and yes I have ask this question before on here check it out

here is site you can visit and it has all the details about Libras
hope its helpful =]


ya i am a libra and we like everything in its place!. we like everything balanced!. wen we get angry we like to hear ppl nd listen to them but wen we say go away that means go awayWww@Enter-QA@Com

really i think gemini and aquarius are the most difficult to figure outWww@Enter-QA@Com

I am a Libra !.!.!. We are very easy to get along with !.!.!. We like to have fun and enjoy life!. We are very indecisive at times and we like nice things!.!.!. We are genuine to those we love and care for!. We are gullible at times!. However Libras give off an aura you wouldn't believe when her scales are tilted!. When Libra is angry the best thing to do is leave her alone and she will come around!. Libras are not argumentative but they will get their point across!. Injustice bothers Libras and that is why they say that they would make good lawyers!. Libras will definitely make their point!. Libras are very peaceful people however if she feels crossed you will definitely know it!.

As far as relationships go we love love love attention!.!.!. We are adventurous and spontaneous!. We like surprises and sweet nothings!.!.!. We like to have great conversations and we are very good listeners!. We want our mate to make us feel like we are the most important person in the world to them and we will do the same in return!.!.!. It doesn't take much to please Libra!.!.!. Libra women will compromise in a relationship to the utmost, because she likes peace, but if she is not getting what she deserves in return her scales start to tilt and that isn't good!. She will do whatever she can to maintain balance but if she doesn't get back in balance then the relationship is over!. Just don't cross this beauty b/c hell hath no fury like a Libra woman scorned!

Libra women and Taurus men do not mix !.!.!. This is a recipe from hell!Www@Enter-QA@Com

OMG!! I have been waiting for a question about Libras ALL DAY!! I thought we were forgotten about! Well I'm a Libra!.!.(Oct!. 22) and we are normally laid back, sweet, passionate, sensual people!. We hate conflict and try to be the peace-maker all the time!. We're normally not hard to get along with and we're known to work too hard to get attention or to get someone to like us!. The only times we can really be mean is if our scales aren't balanced!. Remember that, if you run into a mean Libra then they are going through some things and probably need some words of encouragement!. Now I'm speaking for all Libras in general and for myself because I know quite a few Libras!. But there you have it!! Hope I was helpful!.!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

As a fellow moon maiden, I also have a difficult time with Libra!. I have found I either love them or I hate them----there is usually not an in between!. I will leave out my feelings on the men since I only had one relationship with a Libran man that was a complete train-wreck and it isn't fair to judge all Libran men based on that one experience!.

The women come off as extremely gullible!. They always see the best in everyone, and as Cancer this probably frustrates you because your intuition tells you that she is going to get screwed by the very person she defends!. She'll get broadsided "out of nowhere" (you've seen it coming) and then she will easily forgive the perpatrator and give them the benefit of the doubt AGAIN, even AFTER THEY HAVE PROVEN that they can not be trusted!. I don't get it----I never have, and I never will!. They sacrifice their own desires not out of the love they have for others, but to maintain peace---even if it costs them their dignity or self respect!. They want to do what is fair and often times this means putting themselves last and appearing foolish!. I guess their hearts are in the right place, but for the "thinkers", I have no clue where their heads are!Www@Enter-QA@Com

to me i just dont take anyone as they r best friend!.!.!. is really easy to just hang out with them!.!.!. is like it doesnt matter wat sign u r and wat type of person!.!.!.

i think is like they r confusing cuz they got all kind of friends and sometimes they treat people the same sometimes different!.!.!. so you cant tell if them like you or not!.!.!. is like the dude in tv show saids " i love all you guys but in different time!?

-im not a libra, so im not really suree!.!.!. thats just wat i know about one of my libra friend i guess!.!.!. well hopefully im not off topic agin!.!. peace out!.!. hahaWww@Enter-QA@Com

I have a really really close friend who is a Libra!.!.!.and one thing I am sure of is that how much they like a person really depends on their mood!. Because they are "the scales" they tend to tip frequently from one side to the other as they try to maintain their own hectic lives!. Libras can be amazingly funny friends, but when they are in a bad mood it spreads around to everyone and suddenly everyone knows to stay away!.
Libras love to have fun in general - they enjoy gambles of all shapes and sizes, and they enjoy strawberries (or so I'm told)!. The only reason you might find them confusing is that they live based off their changing mood, which affects their judgement and their opinion of matters!.

Hope this helps ease some of the confusion!Www@Enter-QA@Com

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