I messed up my first date with Capricorn man. Will there be a second?!

Question: I messed up my first date with Capricorn man!. Will there be a second!?
I'm a Pisces and my friend introduced me to a Capricorn friend of hers about a week ago (over msn messenger)!. We spoke to eachother over the phone and webcam and by text!. We got along INCREDIBLY well and he seemed smitten before we'd even met, even saying things such as "You're an angel!. I can't wait for us to meet up so things can finally start happening for us, and I look forward to the time when we'll be waking up together and spending day and night together", and even more than that, and he's not desperate!. Just incredibly romantic and gentlemanly!. The date was going very well and we kissed and cuddled, but then I started to wonder if he was still as keen on me as he had been when we talked on the phone or online!. I asked him and he said he was MORE keen on me now, but he found it easier to express online and as it was our first meeting he was a bit shy!. However it was still getting to me!. The date went pear shaped because I was questionning how much he really liked me (more 2 add)Www@Enter-QA@Com

It might be helpful to take astrology out of the equation!. Some men (of all signs) are hesitant to commit to women who are insecure!. It's hard for men to understand all the emotional things that go on in a woman's head during courtships!. It scares some of them!

Take the initiative to call him and ask him on another date!. Tell him that you want to keep things lighthearted and fun!. Go to an amusement park, or somewhere cheerful! If you do get a second date, try not to pester him to tell you how he feels!. It is just the second date, after all!. Even though you have a strong connection on line, the chemistry can be different in person!. It's much easier for some people to express their feelings online, behind a computer screen, rather than in person, where they run the risk of saying the wrong thing, exposing their soul too deeply, feeling vulnerable as they are caught up in the moment, etc!.

Play off of his lead!. He will tell you how he feels when he is ready!. Then, reciprocate! If you feel very strongly for him after a few dates, of course it's OK to tell him--but don't make him feel trapped into gushing in the same manner!. He may not be ready!. Capricorns are very deliberate and busy-minded after all!.

I'd hate to sound negative, but I have a few girlfriends who are perennially making this mistake!. They keep questioning the guy's feelings, intentions, and emotions!. Some guys don't want to share that info so early in the relationship and it drives them away!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Why do you people use the stars to tell you what to do!?Www@Enter-QA@Com



He sounds very sensitive to me!. That's not necessarily a bad thing for you!. By the way, being a Pisces girl myself, I know from an experience that a Capricorn man can be a very good match for us!. I think you over did it a little with the questioning of how he felt!. If he was trying to express that through cuddling and kissing, then he may have felt he "failed" at making you feel wanted and desired since you questioned him on how he felt!. Being successful is common with Capricorn's and he probably felt inadequate!. If I were you, I'd respect his space right now!. Allow him time to grieve for his niece and be with his brother!. Even a text at a moment so personal could seem an intrusion!. Once he makes contact with you again, (and he WILL), first off before any other conversation begins!.!.!.!.!. APOLOGIZE for asking him so many questions about his feelings on your first date!. Tell him it came from your own insecurities because you really like him and just wanted verbal reassurance that he felt the same way!. Promise him from here on out you will let nature takes it's course and you want put him on the spot as much!. I think that will ease his nerves!. Good luck!. I wish you and your Cappy guy all the happiness in the world!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

After everything you've written, why in God's name would you WANT another date with this guy!?!?!?

Enough with all of this horoscope/astrology crAp!.!.!.it's possible to live your life being guided by yourself instead of all this star nonsense!.

You should invest in some serious therapy to figure out why you get so wrapped up in all of this DRAMA!. Dating does not have to be this complicated!.

Good luck!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

I donno, as there is nothing like being put on the spot and getting what equates to the third degree on the first date, as theyt usually are kept light so each person can get a fell for the other person!.

Give him a little time than contact him again, and stop comming on like Sgt!. Friday from Dragnet!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Star signs aside, it sounds like you guys need to spend some time face to face to decide how you feel about each other!. It also sounds like you guys put too much stock in this first date based on chemistry you had online, which isn't always a good indicator!.

Call him and ask him out on another date!. Then just enjoy yourself and stop thinking about every little thing before you do it!. Just see how you feel and go from there!. If you really feel that you need to, talk to him before you go out!. Tell him that you're sorry for anything you may have done or said to upset him and you'd like to wipe the slate clean and start over again because you really like him!.

Good luck!Www@Enter-QA@Com

I too am a Capricorn Man,and I find this Guy like many Men have a lot on their Plate,never-the-less it makes no difference whether he is Capricorn or Libra or any of the others!.We are Men and that is all we are,some just have a lot more to deal with than others! Women are no different than Men on this subject,some don't have a lot to deal with and some do! Stay away from all of that Astrology junk and let your Heart guide you not some idiotic Star guide! Life brings enough problems our way without adding more by reading our horoscope! Lay off the questions and let things flow smoothly along,to many times people on their first or second dates whether it be a Guy or Gal mess things up by asking to many questions! So put more effort into who and what you are about,things you like to do and things you would like to do,instead of the 100 questions game! I bet you'll see a big difference! Hope this helps you in your future endeavors with Men,be it this Guy or someone else! And for Goodness sake don't try to compare each other with Astrology!Www@Enter-QA@Com

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