Scorpios: How do you become more silly?!

Question: Scorpios: How do you become more silly!?
Yes, I'm generalizing!. Most Scorpios I know are reserved people!.

Anyway, I want to be able to do ridiculous things, such as dance around with people and laugh obnoxiously, but I can't!. I don't want to embarrass myself or come across as annoying to people I don't know!. Grr!.

How do you do it!?

Instead, I'm the person that sits quieting, and THEN people approach me to socialize!. Which leaves me being stuck in a conversation with a moron, whom is so self involved, that he tells continuous stories about himself, as if I'm even remotely interesting!.

I can only recall one time that I was so drunk, that I was acting silly, and you know what!? It was FUN!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Really!? I always thought some Scorpios can be the wildest ones in the bunch!. The ones I know are! Maybe it's October Scorpios who may have some planets in Libra!?

My grandmother (Oct 27th) is a wild woman, still at 66, she acts like she's 21 and young at heart!. I'm 24!. She goes to lounges with me and she's always asking me to go out!. Yes, it's weird, because she's my grandmother!!!!! My mother got remarried and we had a bridal shower at a really nice bar/lounge!. Well my Scorpio grandmother and Virgo mom were dancing with this random guy! But, my grandmother with her 4'11 self started it and she loves to dance!. My Virgo best friend said the similar things about her Scorpio mom (October 29th)!.

My cousin (Oct 31st) is also very wild!. My Scorpio college professor (Nov 4th) actually told me I was way too serious and that I need to lighten up!. Lol!. But, I'm a Libra w/Cap Rising!. I'm not exaggerating here!.!.!.!.the people in my life don't act as you've described at all!. Yes, they act appropriately at church and work!.!.!.but, they know how to let loose too!. My grandmother never ceases to amaze me or anyone else!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Britney answered it pretty good, Basically as a Scorpio, I have two sides to myself!.!. the reserved person, and the go getter very open person and I've set up some boundaries mentally that allows the open personality to come out but I keep much to myself!.!.!. Usually I find when people are drunk which loosens them up, I may be stone sober but I can let up cause I know people ain't going to remember it

But usually the scorpios who party are the ones who just give a don't give a care attitude to their reputations are the ones who have fun!.!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

As a scorpio i find that myself!.!.!. I take anxiety pills that relieve my social anxiety!! This allows me to open up to other's opinions, haha because i am very opinionated!!!

Apo-Clonazepam are the pills that I use but speak to ur doctor!!! It acts as a mild tranq!!!

And about the morons that talk to you, i would jus start letting the people know how u feel!!
I find it very weird that as a scorpio you have trouble telling people how u feel though!!

Ne Ways Good Luck!!!Www@Enter-QA@Com

Yeah it is stereotyping!.!.!. I am the oldest of 5, so I was surrounded by children all my life and the only way to not stress out or hate ea other is to ignore a lot of things and let things go and laugh about it!. Even social signs can be quiet if they were an only child!. I also was part of a lot of groups growing up so we all had the same exact interests, so it was easy to be myself!. Maybe you come from a serious family or you don't have many friends!. Bottom line stop thinking/controlling so much!.!.!. just GOOOO!!! Lol!.!.!. live laugh loveWww@Enter-QA@Com

You just be you and only you, you don't need to be like everyone else!. I'm a Virgo and typically reserved person but a lot of fun and have a decent personality, maybe a little bit on the wild side but i have limits!.!.lol

You can be goofy, or say something silly but every jokes are different but has a limit so take it easy and don't over do a joke where it's gonna offend people!.!. yes do have good conversations better than nothing at all!. I'm actually surprised that you're the reserved scorpio cos trust me some scorpio girls are b1tches (don't take it the wrong way)!.!.you're the unique one i guess!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

I bet you've heard this about a million times already but just be yourself and don't care about what other ppl think of you!. If they think you're annoying then they have problems and they don't know when to let loose a little bit!. I act crazy all the time and sing out loud whenever i want to and ppl think i'm crazy but i don't mind one bit!. If you're happy and crazy and love to be crazy then ppl will like to be around you a lot!. wow that was long!. oh and one last thing if ppl insult you for being crazy then uhhh ignore them i guess and don't get pissed about it!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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