Astrology and fashion?!

Question: Astrology and fashion!?
It might doesn't sound factual, but I've seen a pattern of "best dresses" women from astrological factor!.
My favorite "star"sign best dresses

Aries- Yes, I think they are no!.1 in leading fashionista
just look at celebrities sample of Aries- Victoria Beckham, Sarah Jessica Parker, Reese Witherspoon!. Their style is combination of simplicity but also dare to take a risk!. (like wearing bold accessories) so it's still simple, but not boring nor soft (fierce!) lol
Leo- The good sample of Leo's best-dresses is Jennifer Lopez!. She is on her own league!. And it seems that she is the one who set up do&dont's in Hollywood style!. She always in best dresses categories!.!.
Libra= Hillary Duff is one, I can't think other libra good sample!. But many of my Libra-female friends always dress sweet, decent and elegant!. They are not a risk taker, but the mix&match always works! Just imagine how much time they spend to decide the right outfit!.!.!?
So my favorite star-style are: Aries, Leo and Libra!.

The intermediate;~
Gemini- Kylie's and Angelina Jolie are one sample!. They often dress nice but sometimes a wind of change strikes them, like the look of Olsen twins!
Pisces- rarely stand out but they are dress quite nice, like Eva Longoria!.

The worst I think;~
1!.Sagittarius- Britney, Christina A!.!.!.I really don't know wthell they're thinking when they dress-up!. Exception to Vanessa higgins! She wear clothes like libra!.
2!.Cancer= In sober mood, they can dress nice!.!.!.but sometimes their emotion overtake the logic, like why they wear old lady purse with black tank top and sheer cardigan!? samples: My sister, Pamela Anderson, Lyndsay LohanWww@Enter-QA@Com

I've been told that the asteroid Ceres is an indicator to a person's personal style and fashion!.

That said, a person's Venus can indicate their style, and what style they find attractive in others also!.

I personally find business attire, classic styles and classic designers to be my favorites on others: I have Venus in Capricorn!.

Someone with Venus in Aquarius might really like metallics and funky fashion!.

** Ceres is the Divine Feminine and rules food and clothing!. At least try to know your stuff before you pop off about other people's answers, Mr!. D !.



HEY! I'm a Sag and I have great style!Www@Enter-QA@Com

Our styles are mainly from our rising sun, not sun sign, or a mixture of our rising sun/sun sign!.

I'm a Sagittarius sun, Aquarius rising, and I don't dress anything like Britney Spears!. Christina A has a Sagittarius sun, Aquarius rising like myself and I don't really know what she wears so I can't say anything!.

Anyway, I take pride in my style!. I dress however I want, mixing and matching outfits!. I really like red, yellow, green, turquoise, royal blue, dark green, and dark red!. I love leggings and skinny jeans!. I dress in an offbeat manner!.!. sometimes I don't even match!.!. so I'm not sure if you would even like my choice of dress!.

Anyhow, you can't say that ALL Sag suns and Cancer suns dress bad because some celebs do!. That's not fair!. I know a Cancer girl ( not sure her rising sun ) who has an awesome sense of style!. Actually I know two Cancer girls who dress awesome!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

about what irish said above, im a scorpio with scorpio sun in 1st, and venus in scorpio in 1st and ceres in libra in 11th!. !. !.

my style is me, i wear what i think looks good, and i like different and unique things, i love putting things together to make them me, but with a feminine and sexy vibe to it, but not revealing, i hate that!. i love clothes, and love to accessorise!. my style changes depending on what mood i am, i can go from a tomboy, to dressing in something very feminine!. whatever it is, i love experimenting!. :)Www@Enter-QA@Com

When considering fashion and having a sense of fashion we are talking about Venus!. Not Ceres!. Ceres is the Little God Father of Business!. What you will find is that anyone in any sign could have a good sense of fashion!. With that said Venus rules two signs of the Zodiac, Taurus and Libra!. Now this DOES NOT mean that they are the best dressers!. They could have a poorly aspected Venus!.

One more thing to consider is that people use fashion as a form of communication!. In this sense it would make to include Mercury into the picture!. Virgos are know as the Perfectionist of the Zodiac and usually dress very nice!. Aquarius is the sign for things that are new and changing!. This can also effect how a person dresses!. Neptune is the planet of creativity and usually enhances any planet it comes into contact with!.

The other planets can effect the fashion that you choose but the real key here is Venus!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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