I don't get what The Star card means in Tarot?!

Question: I don't get what The Star card means in Tarot!?
I looked up the definition in my Idiot's Guide to Tarot Reading book, and I think the jist it is that The Star represents dreams, or wishes being fulfilled!. I don't know, I didn't like the definition they gave so I was wondering what other people thought about it!. Any takers!?Www@Enter-QA@Com

The Star card is actually one of my favorite major arcana cards, mainly because I identify with it so much!.

To really get down to it's core, you first need to live the card!. Meaning, take it out of your deck, place it on an altar, table, etc!., so that you can see it every day to reflect on it!. Go through the week with knowing that The Star card is playing it's part, possibly take a few moments each day to journal it!.

With The Star, the message is higher consciousness playing a major role!. Remaining conscious of what you are doing, living in the moment, so to speak will be more rewarding for you!. The Star card represents self-reflection-- are you comfortable with where you are at in life right now!? Are you living in the moment, instead of the past!? What parts of your life are you healing right now!?

Most Star cards represents a kneeling woman/man!. The kneeling in the card represents your humble duties: what are you taking care of as of this moment!? What are you neglecting!? Are your routinely duties hindering your personal growth!?

also, one of the feet is usually touching the surface of the water, while the other foot is outstretched onto land!. It represents testing the world of emotion, testing experiments, testing thoughts and actions!.

There are usually eight pointed stars in the backdrop above the head of the woman/man in the sky, representing the spinnning seven chakras within the human consciousness!. They are symbols of healing, so whenever you are attracted to them by your eye, this is representative of parts within yourself that you are trying to heal or in the process of healing!.

The pouring waters from the jug represents gifts and messages from a higher source!. Usually, these take the form of unconventional and surprising means, but they are gifts that the Higher Source believes you need, so take them!.

The Star card is also representative of wishes coming true, however, it is more forthcoming if the 9 of Cups is around in the spread!.

The Star card represents shedding away with conventional-type thinking, humble service to yourself, with others, and with your Higher Sources!.

Sometimes The Star card will talk about conflicts in your life that will be smoothing away!. When in a dilemma, the Star card talks about that you will indeed be taken care of!. Just have faith in your Higher Source and everything will be alright!.

The Star card is the step away from The Tower, a time after which everything breaks away and comes tumbling down!. After the chaos, The Star card offers comfort, warmth, and emotional growth!. Since now you have all that space available thanks to The Tower, the Star card can grant you wonderful gifts that you now have room for!.

Obviously, there is so much more to every card!. If you can find this book, I highly recommend it!. It delves into the major arcana of the Tarot!. It helps in understanding them much better!. It's called "Living the Tarot" by Amber Jayanti!.

Good luck!Www@Enter-QA@Com

Well, the definition they gave is correct!. It's a wish fulfillment card!. What you've been working on forever is going to finally come true!. What you've been wishing for will finally happen!.

Sometimes it means intense relief from a tense situation; the ability to finally be vulnerable to the universe or the ability to let go of an problem or trouble; sometimes it indicates crying with joy or relief!.

Basically, it's a freeing card, a card of relief and hope!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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