I'm so confused about my birth chart! Need some explanations?!

Question: I'm so confused about my birth chart! Need some explanations!?

Ok, my Sun/Mercury/Venus sign is Aries, and my moon is in Taurus!. All 4 of those signs are in my eleventh house!. However, the chart also has a list of the houses and what signs are in there and it says I have Aries in my eleventh house at 6!.02 degrees!. If that's so, then what about my Taurus moon!? What is the difference between the 4 signs being in my eleventh house and just one, and shouldn't there be more degrees!?

Here's my birth info if you want to see what I'm talking about so you can maybe understand my question better:

Birthday: April 7th, 1989
Birth time: 9:56 AM
Birth Place: Henderson Nevada

There's two charts, one that lists the zodiac signs and their planets in varying degrees on the left, and one that lists the signs in which houses on the right!. There's definitions below that however that say what planet is in what house, I don't know!.!.!. it's confusing and I don't know what 6!.02 degrees means or any of it!. I'm not looking for someone to tell me about myself, just explain how the houses work and stuff!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Ok so I looked at your chart and the reason why is because your 11th house is part way into the 30 degrees that is Aries!. Part way through that house (houses are of different sizes as opposed to the signs which are all 30 degrees) Taurus starts and that is the area that your Moon is in!. Your Moon is close to your 12th house!. Here is a link to a picture of your chart that is easy to makes sense of:


Oh and to the moron who knows NOTHING of astrology, the constellations are just place markers, they aren't a real place in the sky, so that BS about being in a different place then before has no validity!.

Here is a portion of Bob Marks section on his site called Astrology for Skeptics where he answers the questions of skeptics, this question refers to what the brainless Jude tried to pull over with his answer to your question:

“Your sign continually changes every 26,000 years because of the cosmological phenomenon called precession of the equinoxes (try asking an astrologer to explain that -- any beginning astronomy student knows what this is)!. What it means is that everybody’s sign is off by one zodiac position!. For example, if your astrological sign is Aries, then you were really born under the sign of Pisces!. Funny, huh!?”

"This is an old red herring of a question!. First of all Dr!. Sandbek, signs shift about every 2,200 years, not 26,000!. The 26,000 year figure is the time period required for the Earth’s orbit to completely precess around the Sun!. Secondly, there are TWO zodiacs, the tropical and the sidereal!. The vast majority of astrologers use the tropical!. In that zodiac, the signs have not changed!. Thirdly, constellations do not really exist at all!. Astrologers know this!. Constellations are used as place markers, nothing more!."Www@Enter-QA@Com

Astrology has no validity!.

It is all made up without any basis of truth!.

The sun is no longer in the constellations assigned by astrology at the times assigned!.

Study something real!. Learn about validity and double blind tests!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Dont worry about it hunn!. Horiscopes dont exactly matter!. Think about life not horoscopes!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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