Question: PISCES Girl & ARIES Guy!?
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Pisces + Aries

Water + Fire = Steam

Pisces and Aries are naturally attracted to each other!. After a while, though, you’ll start to feel that your relationship doesn’t have as much going for it as you first thought!. Both of you make a great first impression, and you both have strong sexual impulses!.

There may be something clandestine or mysterious about your relationship!. The way you first meet, or perhaps the place where you cross each other’s path, will be unusual!.

The positive for this combination is that Aries can learn a lot about compassion and selflessness from you!. You’re interested in life’s mysteries, and you’ll share this with them!. But water, which is Pisces, extinguishes fire, which is Aries!. Your emotionalism will dampen Aries’ heated nature!.

The reverse of your elements’ combination is that fire boils water and turns it into steam!. This indicates that Aries can have an impact on you too, and change your personality!.

Think carefully before you into a relationship with an Aries!. Even though your ruling planets, Jupiter, Neptune and Mars, work together well, you two won’t always make an effective combination!.

Aries has a tendency to plough through life like a ram!. Thin-skinned Pisceans treat it differently!. You’re far more considerate of other people’s feelings than they are!. Aries will have to really get this difference, and make allowances for it!.

also, there are times when you simply want to do nothing!. This will irritate Aries!. Aries is go, go, go, and will push you to your limits!. They will have to lose their irritable and impatient nature if they want to prove they can support you and let you be you!.

You will love Aries unconditionally, because this is who you are, and you’ll be able to fulfil Aries’ ever-growing sexual appetite!. They can reciprocate with that, but they mustn’t take you for granted!.

You’ll probably have a very passionate roller-coaster ride with Aries born between 21 March and 30 March!. The full firepower of Mars is evident in these individuals, and it means lots of excitement!. A word of warning, though: this sort of heat could affect you emotionally in ways you can’t handle!.

There are troubles ahead if you get together with an Aries born between 31 March and 10 April!. The Sun and Leo partly rule them, which doesn’t bode well for your health, or your debt level!. It also indicates fights!. You don’t really see eye-to-eye, even though you have a good physical connection!.

The chemistry between you and an Aries born between 11 April and 19 April will work well!. This is because you have Jupiter as a common ruling planet!. This planet has a strong sway over them and makes them more sensitive and compassionate than most Arians!.


Altho it's possible that a pisces woman could find happines with an Aires, it is uncertain as to how long that happiness would last!. When it comes to a fine romance, you want someone with a nice, broad shoulder to lean on!. Aires may have a little trouble in understandng you, too, at least in the beginning of the relationship He may find you a bit too shy and moody!. Aries men s peak their minds frankly!. He will not soften his criticism or be diplomatic!. Aries generally have any friends, and you may not heartily approve of them all!.
I guess take it for what it's worth!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

This is probably one of the worst combinations ever, personality-wise!. Aries is known for it's aggressiveness, it's huge amount of energy, and impatience!. Pisces is calm, peace-loving, and sensitive!. 'Nuff said!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

no, aries is a strong minded leader and often doesnt take another persons feelings into consideration!. Pisces is very sensitive and tends to stew over what other people have said!. Aries wont understand if he has upset you!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Actually these signs are compatible and a very good matchWww@Enter-QA@Com

Hi, Does it really matter if you like him and he likes you, don't waste precious time , Take life in both hands and as the saying goes, Seize the day!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

impossible to sayWww@Enter-QA@Com

I have no idea!Www@Enter-QA@Com

Pisces will entertain you, thrill you, dazzle you, sing for you, cook for you and leave you! (Source: AquarianAge Romance )

For Aries: Sexually this is not a bad alliance, but your temperaments are just so different that it does put a strain on the relationship!. You could never handle the Fishes emotional whims for any length of time!. ( Source: Love Test )

For Pisces: You are far too sensitive for the aggressive Ram!. You will be left behind to drown in your sorrows!. An unfortunate match!. ( Source: Love Test )

Personality differences compliment each other!. Aries like to lead and Pisces likes to be lead!. Aries is self assured and will draw Pisces out of his or her shell!. Pisces likes Aries boldness and Aries likes Pisces need for direction!. Aries tendency to criticize will not sit well with Pisces!. Pisces likes Aries passion and Aries likes the affection given by Pisces!. Pisces is drawn to Aires’ dynamic passions!. Aries will handle decisions and fight battles for Pisces, which is just what Pisces is looking for!. Aries may be too critical for Pisces and if tact can be found this will be a good pairing!. ( Source: Astrology Fun )

Aries Man & Pisces Woman
Pisces has never been known for its staying power in love, but incentives help!. There are none here and she will swim away in the dead of night without further ado!. (Source: AquarianAge Romance )

This match could go either way- it could lead to long-term love, or it could fall apart!. It depends a lot on the personalities involved!. The Aries boy is good for you in a lot of ways!. He is someone you can lean on!. He will support you when you go out on a limb, and he thinks your unique, sometimes quirky ideas and attitudes are just great!. You will admire his energy and his powerful way of leading others to do what he wants!. Your physical attraction to each other is also very strong, and that side of your relationship shouldn’t present any problems!. However, you can be sarcastic sometimes, and he has a quick wit that can turn very mean and hurtful when he’s angry!. If you each can’t control your sharp-tongued outbursts, things will end with hurt feelings on either side!. If you can both keep this in mind and be very careful to talk kindly to each other, even when you’re upset about something, then this relationship can work and lead to real, lasting love!. This is a hopeful match that has equal chances for success and failure, depending on how hard you’ll both willing to work!. (Source: Jellybean's Astro-Soulmate Guide )

While Pisces girl will never be at a loss for good times with Aries boy, you may find yourself looking for something a little bit deeper!. Aries boy is quick and changeable, and sometimes his words and actions can strike you as being a bit too abrupt!. If you're comfortable with his quick pace, this can be an interesting match!. ( Source: FUNgirl - Astrology )Www@Enter-QA@Com

Aries + Pisces

Just remember that when you're involved with an Aries, you're involved with an explorer, a risk-taker, a thrill seeker and a pioneer!. When you get involved with a Pisces, you get involved with a rescuer, a victim, a mystic and an idealist!.

If you can give an Aries action, excitement and a fresh start, they you have a better chance of getting their love and affection!. If you can give a Pisces help, health, fantasy and art, you have a better chance of getting their love and affection!.

Essentially, if Aries wants to be happy, Aries needs to be first and best!. Somehow, some way, Aries need to find a competitive outlet!. Pisces may need for Aries to cool it from time to time!. There are at least two sides to Pisces' personality!. One is more kind, loving, tolerant and long-suffering than most people!. The other can be biting!. Pisces, you don't want to hurt people, unless you are feeling righteous and need to punish the guilty!.

Aries begins life with the question posed to every solar super hero, "How will you use your super powers!?" Aries is here to start something new, to go where no one else has gone and to do what no one else has done!. The stars dare Aries to be a pioneer, a champion and a doer!. Sexually, Aries has got some naturally hot stuff!.

It's fair to say that Pisces is imaginative, a dreamer, and even mystical!. Pisces certainly seems to absorb and drink in surroundings more than most people!. Pisces has mood swings and can benefit from live music and dance!. Pisces can break the chains of fate and destiny!. More than most people, Pisces is a product of beliefs as much as disbeliefs!. As Henry Ford said Pisces, "Whether you think you can or you can't, you are right!."Www@Enter-QA@Com

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