Know about chinese astrology?!

Question: Know about chinese astrology!?
Say you have a birthday in mid-January, do you go by the western new year (jan!. 1st) and say that you are a monkey!.!.!. or do you go by the chinese new year (which is usually in early February) and say you're year of the sheep!?
Jim was born January 11th 1980, 80' is year of the monkey, but since chinese new year isn't until february 8th is he considered to be a 79' baby (sheep) in astrology terms!.

Do people born around this time acquire traits from both years!?Www@Enter-QA@Com

the chinese astrology is based on chinese calendar, which is called lunar calendar ( the month is started with a new moon, the 15th is when its full moon and you can count up on that, which is explained why it doesnt click with the western calendar ) !.
people that were born around january, sometimes february by the end of chinese calendar will have some traits from the year before!. like if your example '80 is the year or monkey and '79 the sheep, so it would turn out Jim was a monkey with sheep tail lol!. i heard that from a chinese astrologer!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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