Which zodiac signs do you like/dislike ?!

Question: Which zodiac signs do you like/dislike !?
state your sign and the reason why you like/dislike the sign(s)!?

I like Aries: they're really fun to be around with
Saggs: they're so funny and cheerful ;p
Gemini: they're just amazing
Aqua: very independent joyful souls
Libra: wild and carefree ;D
Virgo: modest and nice people
Pisces: really nice and kind ppl

Neutral: Cancer: I'm one xD

I dislike: Scorpio: really mean, b*tchy, backstabbing, i can't handle all this weird jealousy
Taurus: possessive and stubborn, i don't know i just don't like them
Leo's: really show off people, always like to be the center of attention
Capps:My opposites some cool and others mostly very uncoolWww@Enter-QA@Com

I'm a Pisces, but I'm not your typical Pisces [emotional, sensitive] due to an Aries moon and Gemini rising, so I mostly seem to click with fire and air signs!. Water signs annoy me and Earth signs bore me!.

Aries: They're fun to be around
Gemini: I like them because they remind me of myself so much, they're intellectual, a little weird, funny and very talkative
Leos: I like them because they're outgoing and are fun to be around
Cancers: They are some of the nicest people I ever met, and I have yet to have problems with one
Libras: I don't know too many but most come off very as laid back, smart, outgoing and nice
Pisces: I love my sign because we're the most evolved lol!.!.!.we can be emotional, but we're still very special :]
Taurus: They're fun to be around but I butt heads with them A LOT

Sagittarius: I admire the general traits of Sagittarius [outgoing, carefree, freedom loving] but I have had MANY bad expriences with practically every Sagittarius I met, girl or guy!. I have a love/hate relationship with them!.
Scorpio: Something about Scorpio just doesn't sit right with me!.!.!.I haven't had any real problems with them though [except for exes]!. The Scorpio women are fine, but the men seem like a ticking time bomb!.

Virgos: They honestly bore me the most out of all the earth signs!. But they're really nice and smart people!.
Capricorns: I have no real problem with Capricorns, it just that they're too serious for me!.

I may get thumbs down, but this is all my opinion!. :]Www@Enter-QA@Com

i'm an aries!.

Aries-they're fuuun
Gemini- hyper
Libra- hilarious
scorpio- They're exciting!.
Aqaurius- understanding & funnyyyyy
Pisces- really friendly

Taurus- exciting and hyper, but a bit slow
Cancer- friendly, but some of them are full of themselves
Virgo- A bit too shy but funny
Sag- a lil too full of themselves, & i have trust issues!.

Capricorn- Some of them are boring!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

aries - too arrogant!.!. selfish!.!. always tries to be tha leader and that doesnt go good with me

sagittarius - i like them, theyre fun and such free spirits

gemini - every gemini ive met is two faced!.!. dont like them

aquarius - i generally like them but theyre too cold

libra - hm i like some and then i dont like some!.!. theyre meh to me

virgo - no never!.!. they bore me!.!. and theyre so closed minded

pisces - yes but they can get wayyy too emotional

cancer - no!.!. emotional!.!. think theyre the best!.!. just no

scorpio - meh!.!. some can be jealous!.!. dont really care for them

taurus - no!.!. i agree something about them i just dont like

leos - love :D but sometimes i clash with other leos

capps - weirdos!.!. idk bout themWww@Enter-QA@Com

I'm a Scorpio!.!. (your favorite) You are stereotyping!.!
We are not Bitchy!. we are unique and wont settle for less!. We are not jealous we just prefer to not be jerked around by the opposite sex!.
We are caring, loving and considerate of others!.
also we are very blunt and don't beat around the bush!. We say it how it is!.!.!.!. Most people don't like that cause they are too afraid of doing it themselves!.
My least favorite is Gemini!.!. two faced and backstabbing!. At least from what Iv'e seen!. This is not true of everyone but just from what I experienced!.!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

i love all the fire signs!.i love to date them!. they're really passionate and outgoing!.

leo - romantic, sexual, a bit sensitive!.
sagittarius - adorable, independent, fun to be with,
aries - courageous, adventurous
gemini - very smart, great conversationalist, outgoing
aquarius - eccentric and interesting

i can get along with most people!. but i guess i wouldn't date capricorn, virgos or taurus because they lack passion!.!. i find them a bit boring!.!.!. i don't mind cancer and scorpios, but they can be a bit harsh when they're mad!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

I like Capricorns and Tauruses because they're just down-to-earth people and don't do shady things and are tact, and can give you constructive criticism without sounding like an a**hole!. I also like Scorpios and Sagittarius!.

I dislike Geminis because they're superficial and vain and late for everything, and they're hypocritical and talk about mindless things!. I also dislike Aries because the guys are well!.!.!.a**holes, and in general, they are mean, judgmental, and selfish!. I don't like Pisces men, I think they're too whiny and moody and mopey!.

I'm a Virgo!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

I'm a Cancer
Aries: we can't get along!
Saggs: I like'em, they are some funny, make me laugh!
Gemini: I don't any
Aqua: I like'em, their so fussy!
Libra: don't know any, I don't think
Virgo: I like'em, their cool, but shy
Pisces: I don't know any
Cancer: I'm a Cancer and I like Cancers
Scorpio: I like'em, their unique
Taurus: I like'em, they cook good!
Leo's: I like'em, their my best friends
Capps: I love'em, my girlfriend is a Capricorn and she's amazing!Www@Enter-QA@Com

I'm a Taurus, O_o

I love cancers
Virgos are ok
LOVE Geminis!<--best friends
Libras are ok
I like Pisces a lot

Tauruses are neutral with me!.
Scorpios!.!.!. it depends

I HATE or dislike very much
Aries- Very Arrogant!
Saggs- Trust issues
Aquarius- In their own world, mean, makes me do bad things lol
Caps- Weird, and stupid sorry!. I've never met a smart cap!. The last one I met was on drugs, and said "like" way too much!. And had some major anger issues!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

I Like:

Aries:There Bossy But They Care!.

Gemini:They Are Like 2 Minded People Two-Face
But In A Good Way!.

Scorpio:People Who Speak There Minds Freely
But A Little To Much; But Most Of The Time There Are
Very Nice People To Be With!.But It Depends On What Type Of
Person It Is The One I Know Is Very Nice It Just Depends!.Most Of Them Keep Secrets!.

Virgo: Nice People To Be With Bubbly People Shy
And Kind Of Weird!. Im A Virgo!.

Cancer:Backstabber's Evil People Liar's Accuser's!.But Most Are Nice
People It Depends Ones Ive Met Are Mean But There Ok

Aquarius:There Nice People Funny They Like To Play Around Allot I Like Them But When They Get Angry That's Not Good!.

I Dislike:

Taurus: They Cook Good!. But They Always Are Judging People On
What They Do!.

Pisces: There Like Scorpio's They Are Sometimes Evil
And They Speak There Mind Allot Overly To Much

Capricorn:They Mostly Love To Party And They Are Kinda
Good People!.But I Hate Them There To Secretive!.They Love
To Talk About Others Trust Me I Know About Them!.

Leo:There Love To Lecture People About There Wrong Doings
They Love To Show Off They Love To Argue About What Wrong
What's Right What Fact Is True I Hate Them Allot They Show Off
It Makes Me Sick!.

Libra: I Don't Like Them They Think There All That And There Better Than Everybody!.

Sagattarius: They Are Evil And They Are Kinda Funny But They Keep
Secret's I Dont Like That They Lie also!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Aries- :I
Gemini- :I
Leo- Best friend is a Leo, funny, social, cool!. :D
Libra- Cool, fun, everyone's friend!. :D
Scorpio- Mysteriously awesome!. :D
Aqaurius- :I
Pisces- Friend is a pisces, fun, always knows what will cheer you up, but a little prone to injuries!. :D
Taurus- Strong, true a little stubborn, strict, but all in all a good soul!. :D
Cancer- :I
Virgo- Nice, social, friendly, cool!. :D
Sagittarius- :I
Capricorn- :I

Wow some of these signs I've never really met before or know who they are!.!.!.


I'm a libra :)
i get along with pretty much all, cept no offense i do have a harder time getting along with some cancers and pisces (funny cuz my sis and dad are cancers and pisces)!.but some of the ones i have met are awesome! :DWww@Enter-QA@Com

-Pisces: Very good and faithful friends!. Kind and generous!. (Haha not trying to compliment myself but a lot of my other friends are like this)
-Saggitarius: Free spirited!. Of course from personal experience I wouldnt date one since I see how my friend treats her bfs!.
-Aquarius: Im dating one so I HAVE to like them haha!. Very kind and generous!. Fun to be with!. Intelligent!. Just wish they were more open emotionally
-Libras: My best friend is one and she is also very fun and free spirited!. Very faithful!. Of course she tends to be a bit self-centerd ha

-Leo: Fun to be around but can be bossy and like to be the center of attention!.

-Taurus: Too possesive in relationships from what I've observed!. And pretty stubborn
-Aries:Too arrogant, forceful about their opinions, and always wanting to take charge!.
-Scorpio: Even though we are supposed to be a good match I dont think I could hang with one (my observations)!. Wayyy too possesive in relationships, mean to people behind their backs, controlling, jealous!.

Not trying to offend anyone, these are just my personal observations :)Www@Enter-QA@Com

aries: they're fun as friends- always willing to play or fight, but i could never date one!.
taurus: awesome lovers, pretty good boyfriends, not my favorite kind of friend!.
gemini: they're not too bad!.!.!. not my favorite, though!.
cancer: great if he's a boyfriend! otherwise, a bit mean, but still sweet

leo: i can't stand the leo girls that i know, but i leo boys are cool
virgo: i love virgos!
libra: i can't stand libras for some reason!.!.!. too peaceful for me!. lol!.
scorpio: i get along with them really well, but i'm never friends with them!.

sagittarius: my sun sign!. oddly enough, i don't like sagittarians!.!.!. capricorn: i love capricorn girls! capricorn boys are okay!.
aquarius: one of my favorites for a friend!.
pisces: one of my favorites for a friend and one of my favorites for a lover!. lol!.

sag!. sun, scorpio stellium, cap!. rising!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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