ever since i was born my older sister (21/2 years my senior) always clashed!. we fought constantly and rarely ever got along!. it was always ww3 in our house! we didn't just bicker we brawled! claws out and all!. she never looked out for me, always set me up to fail and would threaten to spread rumors about me!. we are now in our mid 20's and still do not talk!. i don't need someone on my life that brings me down and constantly puts me down

what do our signs tell you!?

people have always said when we are older we will get past everything!. but we are adults now, both starting familys and we still cant seem to get along for more than 24 hours!.

there are some things in our past that i dont know if i can ever forgive her for!.

i am a double aries with gemini rising
she is a virgo with moon in aries with !? rising!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Virgo and Aries:

The two are a very different match like chalk and cheese and are like poles apart!.
Conflicts will arise from the two!. Although with this they may become good friends!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

when i and my sis were small we were fighting a lot, always arguing, we even didnt talk for 6 months, and then when she was 19 she went aborad, i was 15 then and i started to miss her a lot, u really start to miss someone when you know they are far, and we didnt really understand each other cause she has difficult character, but she is my sis, and now she came back and she is 23 and i m 19, and we are just best friends!!! just try to talk to your sis, make the first move, call her say how are u, say u miss her and that u want to forget about everythingu had in childhood


I think you are expecting her to do too much (likie you said she never looked out for you!.) You're a fire sign, you need to depend on yourself!.

If you don't want someone in your life who is a negative influence, then keep them out!.

Because the of the double Aries, you are extrememly stubborn and naturally think you are right about everything (just saying!.)

The same goes for your sister, maybe moreso since the Virgo sign is very calculating and critical of everyone else!. They're perfectionists!. Everything else is wrong!.

If you want her in your life, you both have to be willing to compromise!. Don't attack eachother, don't judge eachother!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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