How do I get rid of a Gemini male?!

Question: How do I get rid of a Gemini male!?
Oh no---not again!! :-(

This seems to be a recurring issue---believe me when I say that I completely understand the frustration (although my Gemini male is just a friend I often times want to RUN away) LOL!

Bahij as you know since Geminis and Sadges are opposites of the zodiac when we have a connection with a Gem it is a strong one!.

Both of us however are mutable signs (of course the rest of your chart will play a huge role here) and can move on when we feel we "have" to--->I am at that point with my Gemini bestie too --ugh!

I think that breaking up with anybody is hard to do----no matter what sign!.

Hate to answer this based only on Sun Sign because the Moon, Mars and Venus styles are more important!. He can have a Cancer moon or a Taurus Venus and if so my answer would be completely different!.

Anyway, if he has Gemini in his Moon and or Venus then I've read that male Gems will first try to charm you to stay with them---they give all of the reason to stick it out and will keep calling you and stuff!. This however is short-term!. If you can hold out for a couple of weeks and not respond to his charm then he will know it is over and will quickly move on!.

You'll have to say it like you mean it and can not cave in----he will find a replacement for you in no time!.

I dated a Gemini for 4 years---->he seemed all sad and devastated the last time we broke up but he replaced me in a blink of an eye!. He still liked me for a really long time (which I heard through messages from other people) but they can tell when the door is really closed and when it is you'll be surprised on how quickly he moves on once he realizes that that is what he should do!.

IDK but I hope that helped!. He will be just fine ---> you just have to let him go, he'll take over from there!.

Good luck!!!Www@Enter-QA@Com

As you say this the Gemini is probably thinking the same!. No offense but I don't think there is need to get rid of anyone!. Just be boring and possessive everything a gemini hates in one!.!.!.Then there will be no need to get rid of the Gem they will have moved on long ago!.!.!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

why would you want to get rid of him!?
i like geminis!.!. well like jessica said, be boring!. don't talk to him or respond when he's talking to you!. don't laugh when he's telling a joke!.
or tell him you love him and want to marry him!.!. he'd ditch you in a heart beat!Www@Enter-QA@Com

Well!.!.!.if you ignore him, he'll just
want you more!. So, just be needy
& clingy & just smile at him & say
your so awesome!. He'll run away
& fast!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

dont make sex with him, tell him u are busy and cant meet him, dont give him time

stop talking to him, no communication at all!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

be very boring, clingy and needy!. they hate thatWww@Enter-QA@Com

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